Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Post You Because She Is Looking For Someone Better – Stonebwoy claims

In our 21st-century relationship, Couples want to showcase their love story everywhere on social media for others to see how they are fairing and having their lovely moments. On the other hand, others also intend to keep their love life private due to their panic of losing their partner if it’s made public.

In most cases, people have more than one partner, so they prefer to keep their love life a secret so as not to cause misunderstandings between their multiple-sex partners.

According to Livingstone Etse Satekla, known by his stage name Stonebwoy, a lady will only post her boyfriend on social media if he matches her taste just to make her peers acknowledge her choice.

Stonebwoy made a post on Snapchat stating that there is no way a woman will keep calm about her relationship if her boyfriend is someone she wants forever.

He said this with his reason being that Women mostly brag about whatever they own. Stonebwoy went further to say that the denial of a woman to flaunt her man on social media has nothing to do with privacy or maturity.

Your girlfriend is not posting you because you on social media because she’s still looking for a better partner who matches her brand to pst. All women love to brag and it has nothing to do with maturity or privacy,” he stated on Snapchat.


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