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Who is Becky Sarfo?-The Alleged Imposter of Adwoa Sarfo

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We woke up today to the news of an alleged imposter impersonating the MP for Dome Kwabenya; Adwoa Sarfo. With parliament somehow hanging and divided over the issue of the 2022 budget, it appears every vote is needed from the side of the majority in order for the budget to be accepted.

The news making rounds now is the fact Adwoa Sarfo was not in parliament yesterday but instead her sister was the one that impersonated her in the chamber. And so the question here is, who is that impersonator?

The alleged imposter is known as Becky Sarfo bearing the same surname as the real MP. Many believe they are related. Time will certainly tell as its goes by.

And so where from all of these controversies? It is believed Adwoa Sarfo is sick and so has taken a sick leave to attend to her health and so the spotlight was on her when she seems to have ‘returned’ to parliament to cast her vote on the e-levy thing most Ghanaians aren’t happy about.


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