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Wedding Photos of ‘Taller’ Finally Pops Up on the Internet

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A diminutive teacher from the Bali Nyonga province in Cameroun has finally tied the knot with his fiancee. The 39-year-old teacher who is known as Kwoyela Derrick recently made the headlines when he broke the news of his engagement to Kahboh Patience.

The wedding has finally taken place and as usual, his wedding photos are making round the internet with congratulations all over. The wedding is said to have taken place last Saturday at Bamenda in the North West region of Cameroun.

As to what he finds very attractive about his wife and this is what he had to say;

“Her character attracted me. She is perfect because she gives me maximum respect and she is God-fearing too,”.

There is, of course, no doubt respect is what every man seeks from his woman and DK as he is popularly called is of no exception.


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