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“We used old clothes” – Man who got married with Less than 700 cedis

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It appears getting married is one of the most expensive things to do in this world but this Nigerian man has defied all odds and has successfully married his woman at a cost less than 700 cedis.

According to newlywed Gborienemi Mark-Charles, the total cost of both his traditional and white wedding was N50,000 which is equivalent to a little over 700 cedis.

In his lengthy yet enlightening write-up, he stated that his wife advised him to invest the huge money he had earlier planned to use for their wedding into his business rather.

He wrote;


I remember this golden word from her that day.

“My sweetheart, please on our wedding day, I wouldn’t want you to lavish your money.

I don’t want you to waste your money on bridal dresses, food, drinks, hall, decoration, and other unnecessary things.

Instead, add the money to your business”

After settling the bride price, I took my wife to the altar with less than 10 guests, from both families. We wore the old clothes we already have at home.

We exchanged our marriage vows before the man of God and finally signed our marriage certificate.

It can only be God. It is rare to find this kind of lady nowadays. But I guess I am a lucky man.

By God’s grace, I added the money meant for the elaborate wedding to my business. And my business is currently doing fine. And we are happily married.

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