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Ways to Prevent Snakes from Entering into your Water Closet as Snake bit this lady who lost her

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The death of this beautiful lady has really raised some sorts of concern for many especially when visiting the toilet. People now check to make sure they are safe before pulling down their trousers or whatever before sitting on the WC.

We are today going to have a look at ways one could prevent snakes from entering into your water closest.

It is rare snakes come through the sewer system pipes. They usually enter the home and seek the cool water to drink and lower their body temps. The bowl is inviting, dark and cool. They can smell the water. They do not come in there to attack you. They strike and bite when they feel threatened.

Search for ways the snake could enter the home, before assuming it came up in the toilet from the pipes. If no other evidence is found, you should screen the vent pipe entrance, and then install a multi-flap where the sewer pipe connects to the toilet. Do not flush a snake, call Wildlife Control to remove and relocate it.

While it isn’t common, there’re incidents like these happening. Snakes can get into your toilet, the only thing between you and the sewer is about 10 inches of water, and many types of snakes can slither through that.

The Sewer Line: While some creatures get into the plumbing by climbing down, others get there by climbing up. Critters that are good at holding their breath can come over from the main sewage line in your town to your home’s waste pipes. From there, they can work their way up to the toilet.

The reason it is there is that you have rats in your sewers. If you are in Africa, it could be a spitting cobra, so back off slowly, it may not need to hood to spit. Put on eye protection.

Stay calm, but keep you eye on the snake. You do not want it to head back into the sewer, so do not threaten it.

Put salts and kerosene in the sewer regularly to drive these deadly reptiles off.


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