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Video: “You’re not my class, I can’t marry you”- Lady disgraces Campus Boyfriend

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The simple message this video carried was; ‘You’re not my class, I can’t marry you. The love has simply hit rock bottom after a love proposal to his girlfriend didn’t go as expected.

A video spotted online shows the moment a guy received the disgrace of his life after he decided to take his relationship to the next level by deciding to propose to his girlfriend but was meant with a simple reply; You’re not my class, I can’t marry you.

The funny thing here aside from having water poured on him during the proposal, this same lady who claims the guy isn’t in her class has been spending the guy’s money. It appears he saw the guy as some sort of poverty alleviation programme.

We believe with time, the guy is most likely to recover because to receive such shame in the full glare of your coursemates and other students is something that is really disheartening.

You can watch the video below and simply judge things for yourself. Another question most people are asking is, shouldn’t the guy be smart enough to have seen all the signs with regards to him dating a lady who isn’t much into him when it comes to love? Maybe he was very much blinded by love.


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