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Video: Your Papa Sweet – Nigerian Lady laughs Sarcastically after Sleeping with Ex-Boyfriend’s Dad as Revenge

Presently going viral on the internet is the video of a young woman smirking about her triumph over her former boyfriend shortly after having sex with his father.

The unnamed lady apparently on a mission to hit her ex-boyfriend on the part of his emotional anatomy where it hurts most, showed off part of the apartment where he had sex with the guy’s father to prove that she is indeed in the home of her supposed lover who jilted her.

She was seen draped in a white towel depicting a scene reminiscent of an after-sex romp while mentioning the name of the guy. She reminded him saying she’s not the type of girl who could be messed with.

In the video, the lady could be heard saying; “John, John, I dey your papa house right now, I don f**k am… you break my heart, you think say you go go free like that…”

Watch the video below;


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