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Video: Moments the Size of this Bride Got Everyone Online Talking

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It appears the latest couples in town have to do these two lovely lovebirds. But there is something netizens online don’t seem to grasp as they see the union of these two individuals as something that will lead to infidelity because of the size of the bride.

In as much as you haven’t watched the video yet, I will entreat you to read some of the reactions on the video and then draw your own conclusion after watching the video.

Some reactions the video got are;

authentic_fitness_trainer_ – I think the woman get money… because this one paaa d333 eiiiii

jerryjustice951 – I hope this guy is really a serious guy. Marriage is a very serious business.

__pretty_mercedes – Can everything enter ???

jordanfitness – This guy go shrink soon eeeeiiii

boadudacosta – Eii meyem koraa ahye me 

thereal_mums.eye1 – I guess the guy be military man to handle this

ocanseyregina0 – Eeeeiiii, hmmm

destenybarnor – Love is Love my people, make them enjoy themselves, 

abawahnaomi – I pray it dnt get to anutie Naa 

ohymarh_narnarh – In other stories, is the guy standing behind in coat for me 

simply_foods_gh – Wow this guy is brave 

akua_kabs – Eeeeiii I love this

nashwealth – This one di3333 he will commit adultery p3333

Now watch the video below;


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