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Video: ‘I have been selling Clients’ Sperms for 4 years’ -Prostitute Confesses

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A Ghanaian mother of one who is believed to be a sex worker has disclosed that she has been selling the sperm of her clients for the past four years and it has been one of her major sources of income.

The woman who pleaded anonymity spoke to TV3 and said she makes a lot of money from the sale of the sperms depending on the quantity deposited in the used condoms.

According to her, after having sex with her clients, she keeps the used condoms with the sperm in them and later sells them to customers who regularly approach her to buy them.

Asked whether she knew what the buyers of the sperms use them for, the lady said it is not her business to know, but all she cares about is the financial reward that she derives from selling it.

She explained that she does not compromise on protected sex, and even that, she makes her sex-hungry male clients wear two condoms at a go so that after the intercourse, she throws away the outer one while keeping the inner one containing the sperm for sale.

She added that the aim of using two condoms at once is to protect herself against any spiritual implication that might arise from whatever the buyers of the sperm might be using it for.

She went on to disclose that she belongs to a cult and is spiritually protected, so no evil can befall her as a result of her work.

She advised men who patronise sex workers to insist on their used condoms being flushed down the water closet to avoid their sperm ending up with spiritualists that might use them to destroy them.

Watch the video below;


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