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Video: Guy cries like a baby after Seeing his Girlfriend with another Man at Shoprite

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Relationship of recent is somehow full of dramas. It appears falling in love is one of the most dangerous things to do as you do so at your own risk.

Finding a faithful partner in the ear is more difficult than solving Quantum physics. A loving guy was reduced to tears after he bumped into his girlfriend and another guy at the shopping mall.

A video from the scene that has surfaced on the internet captures the moment the devasted guy was shouting on top of his voice while asking his girlfriend who the other guy was.

I am shocked the guy still wanted answers when it’s obvious he and the other guy are running shifting cultivation on the girl. One could clearly see the girl is perplexed and simply doesn’t know what to say again.

The embarrassed lady couldn’t utter a single word because nemesis had caught up with her.

Obviously, this guy has been giving the lady whatever she needs but greed won’t allow her to stay with a single man.

Most ladies are just like that lady who was embarrassed in this fast trending video but their cups are not full yet.

Watch the video below;


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