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Video: ‘Dating A Sugar Mummy In Ghana Is Not Easy’- Young guy narrates His Ordeal

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People dating people older than them is not entirely new but over the years, it has gained prominence among young folks from both sexes because many believe it comes with immense money and luxury.

Well, a Ghanaian young man has shared his ordeal of going into a relationship with an aged woman and the stress he has to endure in this period and the narrative is rather cracking ribs online.

In his narrative, the young man laying in bed said he had always fancy having a sugar mummy because he knows it comes with money and other luxuries.

He spoke about it with his friend and the friend introduced him to a woman.

In his mind, he thought he has landed a cash cow he would be milking but the stress was not kid’s play.

He gave an account of how the woman was commanding him around like some child.

Firstly was when she met the woman for the first time, the woman raised an alarm about his age even though she was in search for a younger person but added he the guy was too young than she anticipated but maintained the guy was handsome and well built hence her decision to consider him.

The “wahala” all began when he went to the woman one day to make love, in her house the woman objected that he bath again even though he did that before coming.

All explanations from him landed on deaf ears as his sugar mummy made him bathe twice before allowing him to come to bed.

As if that was not enough, in the process of doing the do, she was all over commanding him to take it easy on her because she is old enough to be his mother.

He added among other things of how the lady in taking him to a party made him change his dress and even drove him to a barbering saloon to change his hairstyle.

Watch the video below;

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