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These are the Most Expensive Watches in the World Ranked by the Sale Price, Auction Value or Estimated Value

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One of the symbols of influence in the world is watches. In as much as both cheap and expensive watches tell the same time, the value on expensive watches can’t be underestimated. Many tend to spend thousands of dollars on watches and that is what this post seeks to address.

We are today going to have a look at the most expensive watches in the world ranked by either by sale price, auction value or estimated value.

So what exactly does make these watches so expensive?

It mostly comes down to just three factors:

1.  Expensive parts such as rare diamonds, gold, platinum, meteor rock, dinosaur bone etc.

2.  The amount of time it took to complete and the detail level of what the watch is able to do.

3.  How unique or how much of a intangible value can be attributed to the piece.


What if I told you there was a watch so rare that in order to make it you had to go into space and get some moon rock?

What is I told you there were 4 of these watches that apart from the beautifully crafted architecture each contains something so special that the average person will never get to encounter in their life-time?

HUBLOT – BIG BANG ~ Price: $5,000,000

If the previous pieces stood out by the rarity of the components this one focuses on only 1 material: Diamonds! and a lot of them!

But just how many diamonds can one manufacturer put on a wrist watch?

Hublot answered that question with: as many we can fit in there! They ended up with 1280 diamonds that have at least 3 carats each.

It took over 1 full year just to find the diamonds and bring them to the headquarters from all corners of the earth but the end result was fully worth it!

Every single stone was cut by a well renowned jeweler from New York, with over 40 years of experience, in order to make sure each bears the same cut signature.

You’re probably wondering who’d spend $5 Million on a full diamond watch? Beyonce Knowles bought it for her husband Jay-Z as a birthday gift for his 43rd anniversary.

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