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The woman who Slapped her Husband on Live TV Begs For Forgiveness but ‘Oga’ never Uttered a Word

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What was trending in Ghana this week had to do with a woman who stood and slapped her husband live on TV when their marital issues was in contention for discussion on one popular TV station in the country.

If you missed the slap you can watch the video below.

This made several influential people to wade into the matter. Big Godwin for instance had this to write on his Facebook wall questioning the integrity and credibility of the production house and the actions of some of the most influential women in the country.

This is what he wrote on his Facebook wall;

I respect the Multimedia Brand so much and I have been on a number of their platforms several times over the years. It’s a fantastic brand with solid, meaningful content and professionals.

But this one that NHYIRA FM has done is completely unacceptable! Like seriously?A husband is slapped right there in the Studio by the wife and no one batted an eye lid? C’mon, men are sufferinggggggggg! Herrrrrh! Many Men in marriages are going through crazy abuse and no one comes to their aid.If this was a Man in the studio that slapped this woman, can you imagine what will have happened by now?

Victoria Lashimi, Nana Aba, Lydia Forson and co will have risen vehemently in support of the Woman, which I completely endorse, I actually join such voices to fight against the abusive man in support of the victimized woman, but when a Man is under the same or similar attack, everywhere is quiet!

Why?Men, where are your own voices to fight and support your own? Many of you are being beaten in your marriages, being starved of food, being starved of sex, manipulated by your wives against your own families, many of you – your families can’t even visit you, meanwhile your wives’ family actually come to stay in your house for vacations, you have lost your voice and leadership power all because you married and stuck to an abusive and emotionally manipulative wife, and there is no one to come to your rescue because even the one we have seen on a live TV programme being abused doesn’t get help – everyone in the studio sat calm and unbothered, it’s normal, he is a man, so he has water running through his veins and not blood!


But the good news here is that the woman has apologized to the husband but the funny thing here is that the husband never uttered a word. Video making round on social media shows the moment the woman is seen kneeling before the husband seeking forgiveness.

Watch the video below;


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