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The Most Bizarre Lawsuits ever filed against Celebrities

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The lives of the rich and famous seem perfect from afar, but most people don’t think about how awful it is to be a popular target for unhinged legal actions that anyone can file without the help of an attorney.

From Beyoncé being accused of black magic to Jay-Z being sued for his signature hand gesture, check out this gallery to see the craziest lawsuits people have filed against celebrities.


Kimberly Thompson, who worked as Beyoncé’s drummer for seven years, filed for a restraining order, claiming the star used “Extreme witchcraft, Dark magic” and “Magic spells of sexual molestation.”

Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Mariah Carey

A woman named Tina Seals filed a lawsuit against not one but all three of these superstars, alleging that she is the real mother to their children.

The lawsuits sought a record deal for her (real) son with Kanye West, vocal sessions with Carey’s coach, and for Carey’s label to produce five CDs for her, with Carey featured on one.

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