Vodafone Ghana


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you really find it difficult to recollect your new number? That’s one embarrassing moment I found myself in recently when I came across this beautiful lady who was like she can only take my Vodafone since that’s what she uses.

Besides she is Ivorian and that’s the network that was recommended for her when she came to Ghana. Vodafone is the only network in my area that guarantees a stable internet connection. And so I personally bought the sim for my MIFI since I just intend to use it for browsing.

As a blogger, having a stable internet connection is something that’s a must. We spend more on data a month than the amount we spend at the barbering salon. I quite remember there was a time I had to choose between looking good by going to the barbering shop or purchasing a data bundle to browse and I believe you already know what I chose, I went in for the latter.

Anyways the story between me and my new Ivorian friend continues some other time. How does one check his Vodafone number?

And the answer is simple; simply dial *127# and your Vodafone number will simply pop up on your screen. The simple message you will see is; ‘Your mobile number is; 050XXXXXX.

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