The leader of SCOAN is no more, but his words still lives on. We today intend to have a look at some of his inspiring quotes he left the world with and this is something which will inspire all of us.

“If you turn to God once, He will turn to you a million times.”

“The purpose of life is to glorify God in both good and hard times alike.”

“While we are on the go, we need to stop between steps, to refocus on the Word and the will of God”

“Avoid the trap of looking back unless it is to glorify God for what He has done.”

“Your troubles may point you to death and destruction, but God’s Word points you to life.”

“If you turn to God once, He will turn to you a million times.”

“Nothing will carry you through hardship like a sincere devotion to Christ.”

“Crises can never break the one who relies on God’s strength.”

“Your hands may be full of money and your brain full of information but if your heart is empty, your life is very empty.”

“God speaks to us, through His Word by His Spirit.”

“If you decide on your direction, God will give you the energy for the distance.”

“Begin to break limitation in your home, business, career and spiritual life, in Jesus’ name!”

“The multitude of people fail because they talk failure.”

“Weeping must not hinder worship.”

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