The pastor of Salvation of Jesus Christ marrying or taking in a second wife is something many people on social media can’t simply wrap their heads around it. What bothers many is the fact the pastor decided to take a second wife making many to question whether he was indeed a man of God. What makes matters really troubling again is the fact that he decided to marry an 18-year-old choir member of his church.

According to reports, the pastor got married to the 18-year-old girl whose name was identified as Sister Blessing Jeremiah Esu in Ikot Akpang Ikpong, Abak Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. The marriage ceremony is believed to have taken place in October and aside from everything, it was indeed a colourful event.

Check out photos from the ceremony;

Nigerian pastor, David Ibiyeomie has sparked controversy on social media after saying: “When you hear a man say that my wife does not know how to cook, he is yet to understand love.

“Let me be very raw with you; hire somebody to teach her and it is not even compulsory that she cooks for you, can’t you get a chef? It is your poverty that is disturbing you.”

“I told my wife to stop cooking. I told her that God has blessed me to a point that you will never enter the kitchen.

“Where did you hear that a woman must cook till she dies. Just be angry with your poverty. You employ a chef. If you can’t afford that yet, work around teaching her and stop spreading her weakness all around. No one is perfect.”

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