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We are today going to have a look at the list of millionaires in Nigeria. Nigeria is seen as the giant of Africa when it comes to Africa’s economy and so tends to have lots of millionaires and billionaires as well. Nigeria hosts the richest black man in the world in the shape of Aliko Dangote. But our focus today is to have a look at millionaires in the country;

1. Jim Ovia

Founder of Zenith bank and chairman of Nigeria Software Development Initiative. He is also currently the Chairman and majority shareholder of Zenith General Insurance Limited, one of Nigeria’s renowned

He is s worth $860 million.

2. Atiku Abubakar

Atiku Abubakar is a politician and a businessman. He owns Intel Nigeria ltd and several other businesses.

His net worth is $830 million.

3. Mohammed Indimi

Mohammed Indimi is a politician and Nigerian business magnate who is the chairman and founder of Oriental Energy. 

His net worth is $650 million.

4. Tunde Forlawiyo

Tunde is a businessman who’s into real estate development and petroleum production.

Tunde Folawiyo is worth $ 650 million

5. Oba Oteduko

As founder of Honeywell Holdings, Oba is a businessman who is also into the construction firm and agriculture.

He’s worth $640 million.

6 .Hakeem Bello Osagie

Osagie is a Nigerian businessman and the chairman of Metis Capital Partners.  He was once the chairman of UBA and Union Bank

He’s worth $600 million

7.Prince Arthur Eze

Eze is an oil Mogul and a CEO of Atlas Oranto Petroleum which is the largest private oil company in Nigeria

Eze is worth $ 600 million

8.Cletus Ibeto

Cletus Ibeto formed Ibeto Group which is one of the largest spare part companies in the country. 

He further diversified his sources of income venturing into the oil and gas industry. 

Cletus is worth $600 million

9. Benedict Peters

He’s a businessman and the founder of Aiteo group of companies of which some are power producers ..

Benedict is worth $590 million

10. Igho Sanomi

Sanomi is a geologist, public speaker and businessman.

Sanomi was the executive director of Cosmos oil, an oil exploration company that operated in Nigeria for some time.

He also established Taleveras Group which is an energy trading company to merge with Zug.  He’s worth $590 million

11. ABC Orjiakor’

He’s a doctor and co-founder of SEPLAT which is an oil and gas company.

Dr. Orjiakor is worth $560 million

12. Bode Akindele

He is the founder of Mondondola group of companies.. The company is a conglomerate with a diverse focus on manufacturing, real estate, agriculture, and more. 

He’s worth $550 million

13. Ojie Emmanuel

Ojie is a business development manager and the CEO of MxM

His net worth is $ 550 million

14. Sayu Dantata

Alhaji Sayu is the founder of MRS Holdings ltd. He was of the MD of Dangote’s transport and engineering sector.

He’s worth $540 million

15. Harry Akande

His company AIC , is a conglomerate cutting through several business sectors such as Aviation, oil, and telecommunication in the country and beyond.

He is worth $535 million

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