Joselyn Dumas


With close to 3 million followers on Instagram, there is no doubt Josely Dumas is one of the most popular female celebrities in the country.

The actress cum broadcaster has managed to carve a name for herself ever since she got featured in A Northern Affair, a role that earned her a Ghana Movie Award and an Africa Movie Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

But she has been active in the Ghanaian entertainment space since 2009 and she still appears relevant till date. Prior to that, she was the entertainment prefect during her secondary school days at Archbishop Porters Girls; an elite school located in the Western Region of Ghana. She had her basic education at Morning Star.

Is Joselyn Dumas a Lawyer?

And the answer is a YES. She studied Administrative Law and worked with a Law firm as a Paralegal. And so the name Joselyn Dumas definitely knows law.

Did Joselyn Dumas do surgery?

Due to her curvaceous nature, many people think she has gone in for surgery but the reality is; she hasn’t. During an interview, she was asked whether she has ever gone under the knife in order to have the sort of body she is having and she confirmed she hasn’t.

This is what she had to say; ‘I haven’t done anything to my bu.tt, I’m naturally endowed’

How old is Joselyn Dumas?

Now to back to the main question most people ask. The age of Joselyn Dumas is of great concern to many as her beauty is something else compared to her age.

Born on August 31, 1980, it means the beautiful Joselyn Dumas is 41 years and will be 42 this year.

Is Joselyn Dumas married to Jim Iyke?

And the answer is a NO. This is a photo that somehow sparked controversy on the internet. This pic is somehow a movie but it appears many thought the duo were indeed married.

This is what Jim Iyke had to say when posed with the same question as to whether indeed he has indeed wedded Joselyn Dumas.

“I just knew you guys were going to ask this question but this is what I find interesting.

People have asked why I wear a wedding band.

My very humble response is the way I have operated in the last few years, I decide what I want people to know not the other way round.

“When you come to my Instagram page, people wonder why I don’t put up my son’s picture often. I said no, it doesn’t work that way, my son is another entity.

I chose this path, he didn’t.

“What if he grows up and doesn’t want to be in the limelight like me.

I want to give him a fair chance to decide what he wants out of life without intrusion or scrutiny, not me putting him in the life I have chosen,” he said.

“There are three parts of everyone’s life you must try to adhere to survive, The public, the private and secret.

“I woke up one day and at the point of birth, I shared with the world that I am having a son but nobody knew about it for nine months.

Neither did anyone know that I’m having the son with a Caucasian woman, so that is how I live my life.

“I could have been married for three years and nobody would know about it.

The day I am good and ready, I will share.

The day I am also good to talk about my maritaI status, I will share and until then, keep guessing,” he concluded.????

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