Ghana has lots of celebrities and many wonders where these popular celebrities come from. And so we today going to have a look at some Ghanaian celebrities and the tribes they find themselves in. I know there are some celebrities you think come from one particular part of the country but you will be amazed to find out where they really come from at the end.

There are several tribes in the country but there are six major ones and that includes;  the Akans, Ewe, Ga-Adangbe, Mole-Dagbani, Guan, Gurma. And so let as usual have a look at some of the tribes some of these popular celebrities come from.

Let begin;

The GA Tribe

The Ga people can be located in the Greater Accra region where our national capital is located. The region has lots of people there since that’s where most of the big companies are located. Many people migrate there all in the quest of making some good earns means but our attention is to have a look at the celebrities that officially originates from the region.

Joselyn Dumas

Joselyn Dumas is Ga and of course, can’t be taken off the list when it comes to some popular celebrities in the country. Joselyn Dumas is a Ghanaian television host and actress. In 2014 she starred in a A Northern Affair, a role that earned her a Ghana Movie Award and an Africa Movie Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku

Another Ghanaian celebrity who has indeed made a name for herself in the movie industry is the name Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku. In case you’re wondering where she comes from, she is also Ga from the Greater Accra Region.

Benedicta Gafah

Gafah was born in Abelemkpe in the Greater Accra of Ghana to Mr. and Mrs. Kwaku Badu. She had her secondary education at the Presbyterian Girls Senior High School in Kumasi and continued to African University Communication College. The actress is now a mother following her recent adoption of a four month-old baby boy during her visit to King Jesus Orphanage Home in Kumasi.

Nikki Samonas

With an estimated net worth of more than $300,000 the beautiful actress is seen as one of the richest actresses in the country. She was born in Tema and had her basic education at the DEKS(Discipline, Excellence, Kindness, Service) International School in Tema and continued to Holy Child High School for her senior high education where she studied visual arts.

She is one of the few Ga celebrities we have in the country and she is really doing great for herself in the commercial scenes as well.

King Promise

Born as Gregory Bortey Newman, even his name gives him away as been in Ga. He has been very influential in the music scene ever since he got the it and he has recently been in the news for tweeting money never changed him ever since he got the shine.

According to King Promise, he can not deny that money hasn’t made some changes in his life but the savour of riches hasn’t changed his lifestyle or behaviour in any way.

He tweeted;

“Money made some changes but money didn’t change me.”

Shatta Wale

The self-acclaimed dancehall king of Ghana is also Ga. His full name is Charles Nii Armah and that certainly proves the fact that he is a full Ga from the Greater Accra Region.

His bio reads;

Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr. was born in Accra, Ghana at the Police Hospital on October 17, 1984. The son of a couple from Accra and the Volta Region of Ghana. His father, Charles Nii Armah Mensah Sr. a politician, Businessman and a legal practitioner.

Shatta Wale attended Seven Great Princes Academy at Dansoman , a suburb in Accra. Where he demonstrated an affinity for arts and acted in a popular Akan Drama series (By The Fireside) at the National Theatre of Ghana.

Growing up, he lived with his family in Laterbiokorshie, Dansoman and then later Korle Gonno during his formative years. In a Facebook live video, Wale stated that he did not enjoy motherly love and care at the early stages of his life because a pastor caused a separation between his parents which made him remain under his father’s care and later ending up on the streets.

His mother is Elsie Evelyn Avemegah. As a child, his father introduced him to the Jamaican culture by playing Reggae records in the house and also continuously traveling with him to the UK to meet his relatives who were half Jamaicans.

These exposures made him develop love for music at a tender age. His intense passion to do music made him lose interest in schooling but his father forced him to complete his high school education later in the Volta Region of Ghana which had initially kicked off at the Winneba Secondary School in the Central Region of Ghana.

Even in school and right after school he pursued his musical dream but his father did not agree and wanted him to become a lawyer, this led to a misunderstanding between the two eventually tearing down their beautiful relationship. Shatta Wale lived in almost all the ghettos ( Nima ) in Accra just to survive. “There were many times I slept without food. I have been through all the hustle in life, I mean hell. I have lived with the people and became one of their own. No wonder my music easily resonates with the people. I am thankful to God for making me see the day light.”

The list, of course, wouldn’t be complete without mentioning notable names like Tinny and Gasmila who are all Gas.

The Asanti tribe

Jackie Appiah

Even though Jackie Appiah was born in Canada, she was born to Ghanaian parents and both of them hail from the Ashanti Region making Jackie Appiah one of the few celebrities in the country that comes from the Ashanti Region.

Juliet Ibrahim

The beautiful actress even though bears the name Ibrahim that will make many to mistaken her as a Muslim or someone from the Northern Region but she is from the Ashanti Region instead, making her an Asante ni.

Nana Ama Mcbrown

The fine presenter and actress is also from the Ashanti Region. She looks far younger than her age and she is one of the few celebrities in the country that is love by many.


Many think he is from the Greater Accra Region since he seems to have lived all his life in Accra but the reality is that he is an Asante man from the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Northern Part of Ghana


Just like Sarkodie, many thought they are from the Greater Accra Region as well since they have been in Tema almost all their lives but they are Dagombas from the Northern part of Ghana.


Wiyaala is from the Sissala tribe. She has really projected her music beyond the borders of Ghana and has been loved by many. She is one of the richest musicians in the country and that will be a subject for discussion for some other time.

Fancy Gadam

Another great performer from the Northern Region part of Ghana is Fancy Gadam. He is a reggae artist from Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana. He had his basic school education at the Police Barracks school Tamale in 2004. His Music career started off at the age of 12, where he performed at public events and schools.

Western Region

Kofi Kinaata

His command over the Fanti language is indeed unparalleled. The Fanti rap god is a Fanti based in the Western Region of Ghana.

Pappy Kojo

Pappy Kojok is also a Fanti from Takoradi.

When we get to the Anlo tribe, there is Edem.

Eminem is one American rapper who defied all odds to succeed in a field noted for African Americans. For a white rapper to come this far in the rap industry is something worth talking about but Eminem didn’t have it all rosy hence the main reason why we are focusing on him today.

Now, this is a rapper worth more than $200 million with some interesting records to his name. Born Marshall Bruce Mathers III on October 17, 1972, the 48-year-old rapper is still relevant in the entertainment industry.

It is believed his rap career began with his debut album, The Slim Shady Lp which was released by the record Label Elektra Records. In the end, this was the beginning of troubles for Eminem as an artist as his way of rap was seen as something that was somehow offensive.

Whiles others loved his lyrics, there were others of different opinions as well hence the beginning of his controversies in the music industry or in the rap game in particular.

With many divided over his type of rap as some deem it as poor in taste, that is something that didn’t stop Dr. Dre from helping and pushing him.

First Success

The first great success for Eminem came with the release of The Slim Shady LP. Many people enjoyed his lyrics, but others saw the difficulty of putting together two seemingly different personalities, the one rapping about being a junkie and the one that was a superstar, using the same name. However, as the album went on, his popularity increased. By this time, he was also well known for his well-written rhymes.

He then decided to take on a more prominent role in hip hop. He began working with the group N.W.A. to create their first and only major album, Straight Outta Compton. With their albums are getting their fair share of negative reviews, some critics thought the entire team was a bit overrated. But they were still quite successful.

Career Phase

In this phase of his career, Eminem was also successful. He released a number of albums of his own, some of which became hugely popular. After his collaborations with N.W.A., he became very successful as an independent artist.

He came out of his musical hiatus with the release of his song, “Not Afraid”, which became his signature song for many years to come. While he maintained a few mixtapes throughout the years, his main focus was on being the face of Xscape Entertainment, an agency that promotes artists who worked outside of the mainstream music industry.

During this time, Eminem was asked to produce a track by one of the biggest stars in the world, Jay-Z. Eminem produced a hip-hop remix of the song “Encore”, which won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance. This was the start of a huge career for Eminem, and from here on out, he was quickly being introduced as a major artist in the hip-hop industry.

Eminem finally reached major success with the release of his song, “Without Me”. He teamed up with Dr. Dre to form a new record label, after having collaborated with other artists. The Eminem / D12 label was created and was successful for a time.

In fact, The Slim Shady LP made history by becoming the first rap album to sell over four million copies. Eminem continued to have a number of hits, including the well-known songs “My Name Is” The Real Slim Shady”.

Now the rap game isn’t complete without the mention of his name. He has indeed come a long way. He has married twice which all didn’t go as expected and has 3 children.

Popular Nollywood actress Rachael Oniga has died, according to reports reaching us this morning is that veteran Nollywood actress Rachael Oniga is has been confirmed dead.

She was aged 64.

She reportedly slumped on Friday night and was confirmed dead at the hospital.

A true Nollywood veteran, Rachael Oniga has featured in over 200 movies, including TV shows and stage plays.

Check out more of her photos;

Today is of course another beautiful day the Lord has made. Talk of beauty is what we intend to have a look at today. Beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder but you will agree with me that true beauty lies in the eyes of all.

If one is beautiful, there is no doubt people will see it and attest to the fact this lady is beautiful and the vice versa can be seen by all as well.

When one is ugly there is no doubt everyone will agree to the fact this or that lady isn’t beautiful enough and so can be seen as the true definition of ugliness.

But our attention today is to have a look at some beautiful Ghanaian celebrities who can be classified as true epitome of beauty.

I guess I will need to take a day and focus on the other side as well with time but for now, let have a look at what’s onboard.

A look at some beautiful female celebrities in the entertainment industry is what we intend to focus our attention on today.

Which female celebrity do you think should make the list? Let move back to business as usual;

Hajia Bintu

The only Hajia in the entertainment industry I believe will be making anyone’s list when it comes to Ghanaian female celebrities who are really beautiful.

She is believed to be a student of Koforidua Technical University. The name Hajia Bintu is one name obviously associated with Tik Tok since that’s where she really became popular.

The Tik Tok platform gave her all the attention she is getting when those heavy goods of hers caught the attention of Ghanaians and it appears that has been her major weapon and breakthrough into the entertainment scene.

And that’s something which has really made her made the list of some of the most beautiful female celebrities in the country.

Nana Ama McBrown

The actress now a presenter on UTV can’t of course be taking off this list as well. She is really beautiful and that’s something that throws people off when they realize the beautiful empress is more than 40 years.

She is going to be 44 years this year and it appears she ages with beauty.

Juliet Ibrahim

The 34-year-old actress is indeed a true epitome of beauty as well. She possesses all the qualities which can be described as a true definition of beauty.

The actress recently even won an award as one of the most beautiful women in West Africa and so it appears her beauty even transcends beyond the borders of Ghana.

Therefore there is no way she is going to miss any list when it comes to Ghanaian celebrities who are really beautiful.

Nadia Buari

Wouldn’t it be surprising if she doesn’t make the list? The award-winning actress is 38 years and a mother of three but still continues to glow with beauty.

There is no doubt she is one of the best actresses in the industry with lots of beauty.

Zynnell Zuh

Another name which can’t be taken off the list is that of Zynnel Zuh who hails from the Volta Region of Ghana.

She is always seen glamouring screens with beauty. The actress is also very well known for her philanthropic works.

Martha Ankomah

The actress is one beautiful lady who cannot be taken off the list when it comes to Ghanaian celebrities who are really beautiful in the entertainment industry.

The spinster is yet to get married and there is no doubt there are lots of suitors hitting her inbox each and every day because of her beauty.

Jackie Appiah

This beautiful goddess has been on our screens for a really long time and besides her acting skills, many certainly do admire her beauty as well.

The 37-year-old award-winning actress was born in Canada though but it appears she never forgot her roots.

As she really began acting in Ghana at a very tender age and made name for herself through the popular Ghanaian series Things We Do For Love.

Sister Derby

The self-acclaimed African mermaid can’t be off the list as well. Sister Derby is indeed one of the goddesses of beauty in the industry.

Her relationship with Medikal didn’t go according to plan but that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that she is indeed one of the most beautiful celebrities in the industry.

Yvonne Nelson

Her beauty coupled with her height and her acting ability has earned her a high reputation in the country.

She is really beautiful and the list won’t certainly be complete without her.


The beautiful musician is full of beauty as well aside those interesting music she has been channeling out.

Obaapa Christie

Another musician who cannot be taken off the list is Obaapa Christie. The gospel musician is really filled with beauty aside the beautiful melodies she gives us.

Beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder but true beauty lies in the eyes of all. Since we are going to talk about guys here and we are made to understand beauty is something associated with girls or ladies, we have no option than to use the right adjective; handsome for guys.

And so let therefore have a look at some handsome celebrities in the Ghanaian Entertainment industry. Beauty they say is perspective but the reality is; if someone is beautiful or handsome it can clearly be seen by all.

And so which of these Ghanaian celebrities are your favourites when it comes to handsomeness? I do think this is something which ought to be directed to the ladies reading this post because, with the issues of LGBT been a major concern in the country, it is now a major no-no for a fellow guy to say adore his fellow male partner.

Now, let’s move back to business as usual as we focus on what’s at hand. The title of this post clearly states a look at some handsome celebrities in the Ghanaian Entertainment Industry.

Let go;

Prince David Osei

The award-winning actor isn’t only well known on the shores of Ghana but is widely known across Nollywood and has featured in Hollywood movies as well.

He mostly gets starred in romantic movies and seems to play his roles very well.

He has all the good looks and that of course I do believe is that’s one of the major factors for his success in the movie industry.

We need to understand good looks count when it comes to getting featured on the screens. Therefore the list won’t be complete without the name Prince David Osei.

Majid Michel

The ‘bad boy’ now turned pastor cannot be taken off the list when it comes to actors who are good-looking in the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

He has featured in almost all the romantic movies in the country and it appears he is good looks account for it.

He admitted he failed during his first audition but was later reconsidered for the role because of his looks. He said; the director thought his looks will certainly fit in the character he wanted.

And so there you have it, Majid became an actor through his looks and it appears his hardwork topped it up in him becoming one of the best in the country.

Certainly, the list won’t be complete without him when it comes to Ghanaian celebrities who are good-looking.


We are talking about entertainment and so number one entertainer in the country needs to be talked about as well since he certainly has all the good looks now.

I need to add the now because Sarkodie before the rise of his career in the entertainment industry wasn’t looking this good. His head certainly looked like that of a sheep as he confirmed in that song he featured Bisa Kdei.

Money certainly talks and there is no doubt Sarkodie is now looking good and very handsome.

John Dumelo

It appears the name John Dumelo will certainly will be appearing on the list of politicians as well as he is now ambitious in his political career.

But that doesn’t take away the fact that the celebrity turned politician is really good-looking and will be featured on any list when it comes to celebrities who are good-looking.

Chris Attoh

He has been off our screens for a while but that doesn’t take away the fact the widower is really good-looking.

He recently lost his wife and it really became major news in the country as the wife was shot by unknown gunmen.

He is now based in the States but there is no doubt he is most likely to hit our screens in no time as he is very good with what he does best; acting.

Van Vicker

Not many know he is of Liberian decent as well as he has been on the Ghanaian screens for a very long time.

The name Van Vicker is associated with love scenes in movies as well and he does and does it better.

He is 43 now but still looks younger and fresher with all the unique looks.

Adjetey Anang

The pusher man can be best be classified as forever young. He is 47 of age but still continues to do what he does best when it comes to acting.

He is still looking young and one of the favourite celebrities of many Ghanaians especially the ladies.

Kuami Eugene

He isn’t just the people’s man but the lady’s man as well with those good-looking features.

The reigning Vodadfone Ghana artiste of the year has all the good looks and cant be taken off the list of good-looking celebrities in Ghana.

For those wondering how old he is with regards to his baby-looking face, Kuami Eugene is just 24 years old.

James Gardiner

Another fine looking celebrity our list wont be complete without is the man James Gardiner.

The actor has all the qualities of a man who can be best described as really handsome.

He has starred in lots of movies and as usual plays the bad boy role with ladies and of course he does it better as well.

Bill Asamoah

Kumawood’s finest can’t be taken off the list as well. The fine looking gentleman is the favourite among many Ghanaians especially Kumawood lovers.

He is believed to be in his mid-forties but still looks good with all the handsome qualities.

Which of the celebrities do you think needs to be added to the list or which of them needs to be taken off the list?

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