Poetry: Fading Laughter

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Our Fading Laughter

Laughter is a medicine

That’s what they say all the time

But as to which disease it cures,

I am yet to find out.

For this Laughter we have in abundance.

But yet still our souls bleed with worries of many years ago.

Bitterness and anger boil in our system.

Laughter is a cheap medicine

That’s what that man in blue often says.

But who can laugh when the roofs give in, to the rains?

And that little byway which leads to our farms

Becomes inaccessible?

When our stomach roars each and every night

As if sculptured by the hands of Hunger.

It has no mercy on those pale faces it comes across.

Its punishment is heavier and more damning

Than the wages of sins.

It strikes slowly but does it with a lot of precision.

Gradually fading our laughter.

As our laughter gradually fades away,

We are now at the crossroads as to which path to take.

Should we still continue to lament and blame the world for our failures?

You see, but this world owes us nothing.

After all, it was here first before we were born.

Our fading now recedes in our wisdom

But this same wisdom lives somewhere in the dark cell of our head

Oh Laughter,

How cheap are you?


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