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Photos: The Beautiful Love Story of a 90-Year-Old Man with his Young Lover

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Love is indeed sweet but we are made to understand that when money enters love it is sweeter. I guess this is the case between the beautiful love story of this 90-year-old man with her young lover who can be his granddaughter.

This is a photo sighted online where the two can be seen really enjoying themselves and having some fun at the spa holding each other’s hand proving they can’t let each other go even at the spa proving the love is indeed deep.

But the question most people are asking is; is it love or money? Why will a young beautiful lady like that follow this old man who is old enough to be her grandfather? That is where people are raising the issue of the coloured papers; money.

Many attribute it to the fact that women and money seem to be inseparable and so it’s obvious the young lady is simply following the old man simply because of her money because there is no way this lady would have accepted the proposal of this old man if the old man was poor.

For now, we can’t make any judgment. Whether love or money, time will tell how far this relationship will go.
Therefore kindly check out the photos for yourself;


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