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Photo: 10-Year-Old Pregnant Girl Gets Everyone Talking

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A photo of a 10-year-old girl making rounds on social media has gotten everyone talking with some wondering how possible. The young girl who is believed to be from Soweto, South Africa somehow looks perplexed when her picture is been taken.

According to report, the guy who got the girl pregnant is also a minor as many were calling for his arrest for destroying the future of this young girl but since he is also a minor, there is nothing that can be done.

If this small girl should give birth successfully as the pregnancy is already in an advanced stage, it is in the ninth month; she is likely to join the list of youngest mothers in the world and I believe she is most likely to be the youngest mother from Africa since per the records, the youngest mother the world has ever seen was Lina Medina who gave birth when she was only aged 5.

Have a look at the picture and simply judge things for yourself;


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