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Pamela Watara and Hajia Bintu; the Front and Back Forces Gradually Fading Away

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With headlines like; Pamela Watara taking over social media and Who is Hajai Bintu?; it was obvious a new light has been thrown on a new Ghanaian sensation. The Ghanaian; who is believed to have been born in Kenya certainly took over the internet and there is one thing that brought about the fame and it appears the fame wasn’t something she thought would be diminishing soon.

On June 5, 1996, in Kenya, Pamela Odame Watara was born to a Ghanaian mother and a Kenyan father. She is an actress, model, video vixen, and social media celebrity.

She claims to have studied marketing at Wisconsin University in Accra, Ghana, but Pamela Odame is not a student there, according to Bridgette Bonnie, the SRC president for Wisconsin University College at the time, who spoke with Akwesi Aboagye over the phone.

With several directors wanting her on set, I begin to wonder what is happening off late. She is rarely heard off late. Does that mean we have grown tired of these?

Her package in front obviously brought in the fame and made Pamela Watara the lady almost every director wanted to feature in his movie or music video. But it appears with time, things aren’t what they seem.

Another Ghanaian celebrity who is gradually fading away is Hajia Bintu. With fierce competition from other tiktokers who believe to have a bigger back than hers trending on the popular Chinese app, her back is gradually losing its essence.

With the whole King of Dancehall in the country composing a song for her, it was obvious she really had her moment.

But that doesn’t take away the fact once upon a time, this was what was trending on social media;

Now with time, there is no doubt these forces are gradually fading away.


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