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Nigerian Man Set to Marry these 2 Beautiful Ladies at a Go

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The internet woke up to the surprising union between these trios which is set to happen on the same day. The union between this Nigerian man and these two beautiful ladies got the internet talking with many people expressing varying opinions with some opining the ladies are twins due to the great resemblances between the ladies.

Internet users express surprise at the intended union Hamza Abdullahi Galadima

Fuka said: “I pray is not for show up..if it is really the capacity…Allah ya sanyaa albarka…”

Mansur Adeola stated: “They’re twins, is it right for a man to marry two sisters?”

Musa Bin Ibrahim Newland wrote: “What ummu Ahmad always tells me to do; marrying two wives at a time. “Sannu OGA.”

Usumanu Kakanda opined: “We dey pray for one this guy they take two at a time.”

Have a look at the wedding invitation;


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