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Meet the Ghanaian Teacher who always makes Sure her Students take in Fruits Every Friday

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Ghanaian teachers have been trending throughout this week and the it is a good trend. Not the usual news we have been hearing of teachers flogging students to death or one male teacher sleeping with his students.

It appears we now have individuals who are really interested with what they do when it comes to teaching. There was the story of one teacher who feeds her students each and every day with the meagre salary she receives.

Another made the news after she made sure her classroom is very well painted and less privileged children who don’t have books get to read and write by providing them with the necessary materials.

Now let meet the Ghanaian teacher who is a true believer of having the needed nutrients when it comes to having the right balanced diet.

Meet Madam Anita, she is one Ghanaian teacher who provides her students with fruits each and every Friday.

She does this philanthropic work with all joy and it appears this is something the children look up to each and every Friday.

All that we have to say is to say thank you on behalf of the kids.


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