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Man Demands More than GH¢7 million from Ex-Girlfriend for not Marrying Him

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A business tycoon is in court demanding more than $600,000 from his ex-girlfriend for not marrying him.

According to a report published by The Standard Newspaper Gambia, Aisha abruptly ended the engagement and disappeared after receiving millions of Dalasi from the business tycoon(Abdoulaye).

Sometime later, Abdoulaye and Aisha began a relationship and he proposed to marry her and soon began preparations for their marriage.

The statement of claim further alleged that ahead of the proposed marriage, the two flew to Dubai together where the plaintiff (Abdoulaye Thiam) spent US$ 100,000.00 for their wedding preparations.

They also went to Paris, France, where Abdoulaye claimed he spent another Euro100,000.00 on designer bags and watches. A further US$ 50,000.00 was given to Aisha Fatty to buy African clothes from Nigeria, according to the statement of claim.

The statement also disclosed that since their proposed wedding, Abdoulaye has been giving Aisha the sum of D180,000.00 every month for her maintenance.

However, despite all the preparations and expenses made by Abdoulaye in anticipation of his marriage to Aisha, she refused to go ahead with the marriage which was scheduled for December 2021.


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