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Luckiest Man in the World Found as these Kenyan Triplets Plan to Marry Him

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On the real, I just don’t know whether to see him as the luckiest man in the world but to have three women fall for you at a time isn’t something that comes really easy.

This is the story of these Kenyan triplets who have confessed their love to one young man. They all claim to be in love with him and tend to settle down with him.

According to report as narrated by them, Cate was the first among the three to have met the man and then shared her experience with her siblings.

She said “I saw him and told Mary about it before Eve also learnt about him and fell for him. We are planning to marry him and he is ready for it as well.”

People are asking if the man has the strength to take care of these three beautiful looking young ladies.


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