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Lady Saves Boyfriend’s Contact as Stupid Man and that Gets People Online Talking

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A photo of one lady who has her boyfriend’s number saved as ‘stupid Man’ has sparked some controversies online with varying opinions online.

The photo which seems to have been taken inside a public transport by one curious passenger when he saw the name saved Stupid Man.

The young lady held the phone close to her ear so she could hear him well and that was when it was spotted that she saved his name as ‘Stupid Man.’

The man broke the news on Twitter writing, ”God abeg.”

And that raised some sorts of reactions online;

@Erlohim wrote; Any man wey toast this one, him first assignment Na to change that phone screen

@Tanibuife; It’s good, some men deserve this treatment, how will you be toasting me and be shouting? Sir calm down

@gooner_african; My ex saved one mans number as useless man, apparently the man was kn**king her uselessly. Even sent her a text one time “come over let me leave you useless”

@iam49beatz_; fear who no fear woman

@JohnofAfrica; The funniest part be say this “Stupid Man” will still be charged and still pay valentine bill……my specie konji no go kill us

@ZikoOfEssos; This is how they save your name so they don’t have to explain to the other guy. You can’t tell me nothing.

Check the photo yourself and draw your own conclusion;


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