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Lady Collapses after Finding Out a Wedding She was attending was that of Her Boyfriend

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One invited to a wedding ceremony ended up at the hospital after finding out the groom of the day was her boyfriend.

A Twitter user named @keturah adamu reported the incident and claimed that the lady’s boyfriend had informed her that he was going home to visit his sick mother.

Because of the poor quality of the cellular network in his village, he had warned her that he might not call her as frequently while he was there.

When she went to a wedding on Saturday that a mutual friend had invited her to, she learned that the groom was her boyfriend, who she had assumed was staying in the village with his ill mother.

She reportedly ended up in a hospital, it was learned.

@keturah_adamu wrote:

“My Friend’s Boyfriend called her this morning,To tell her, he would be going to the village to see his sick Mom.And the cellular network is poor, so he might not be able to speak to her for some days.Today being Saturday na, we attended a wedding and na her boyfriend be the groom.We dey Hospital like this….
Men sef, don dey pay back.”


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