If You Have This Mark on Your Nail, You Should See a Doctor

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Health is something that is really paramount but it appears the search for wealth has left many with deteriorating health conditions, therefore, making all them to spend all the money they have now for good health. There is this prayer people say and I’m very impressed about it, it’s like Oh Lord, please when our wealth start flowing, please don’t let our health start to fail.

The world for instance is on a health alert with the COVID1-9 virus raking in havoc. Countries are still reporting high figures for the new variant with various forms of restrictions been set in place. Whiles others are going in for lockdowns, other countries too have different opinions with respect to how to curb the various. We thank God for vaccinnes and I believe with time, that virus thing will be a thing of the past.

Our attention today is to have a look at a part of our body; particularly our finger nails and the signs they show us. The nails have a lot to say with respect to ones’s health and so if you have this mark on any of your nails, I believe it’s time to see the doctor because it appears there is something serious affecting your system.

And so what are these marks? That is what this post is all about and so kindly relax and carefully examine your nails to see if you have any these marks;

-Your Nails Are Brittle

It is really understandable for your nails to break with time especially for most ladies who mostly keep longer nails for cosmetic purposes but if your find yourself in a situation where your nails easily break easily, then there is a problem

The problem here is that you’re really lacking something in your human system and what is lacking is Calcium. This must tell you with time, you’re really going to have issues with your bones. We all know calcium is related to strong bones. You therefore need to increase your calcium intake to avoid body pains with time.

A brittle nail indicates the lack of calcium in your system.

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