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‘He gave me exactly my T-fare back home and that is 3 cedis’-Beautiful Lady Laments

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A beautiful lady on Twitter with the handle @deshola55 has taken to the social media platform to lament about her ordeal with a guy she went on date with.

After the guy has inquired about how much it will cost for her to get back home, it was revealed it will cost 200 naira which roughly translates to 3 cedis and so the guy gave her exactly 3 cedis as her t-fare but it appears the lady who wasn’t happy about it blatantly refused.

In her words; ”I think the most embarrassing moment of my life was when a guy I went on a date with offered me the exact amount that will take me back home…,of course I rejected it For those wondering, the tfare was 200….and he legit gave me two hundred naira, like never again sir”


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