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Guy gives lady 70 pesewas for transport for not allowing him to ‘touch her’

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A lady had the shock of her life when she went to visit her newfound boyfriend in a different city only to find out an envelope handed over to her as transport contains only 100 naira which is equivalent to just 70 pesewas. The reason that warranted such action from the guy according to the report states he did that because the lady didn’t allow him to touch her when she visited.

The shocking part of what happened is that he put 30 naira which is equivalent to just 70 pesewas inside an envelope and handed it to the girl before bidding her goodbye but she did not know how much was inside.

When she checked and saw two N20 notes and a single N10 note, she tried calling him but the young had switched hed off his phone

According to the friend who shared the story, the agreement was for her to pay while coming to his place and he will handle the fare when she is going back, but due to her refusal to succumb to his request for intimacy, he decided to give her a ridiculous sum.

Christina wrote; “My friend traveled to visit this guy and when it was night he tried to touch her but she refused. This morning he drove her to the park, handed her an envelope and zoomed off.

Only for her to open the envelope and saw 30 naira, a 20 naira and 10 naira note. Immediately, she picked up her phone and tried call him but this guy had blocked her everywhere.

She paid while she was going and they agreed he would be the one to pay for her tfare back home.”


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