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Grading the Presidents of Ghana Since Independence and Nana Addo will Always Come First in Ascending Order

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Today marks the independence of Ghana and it appears Ghana at 66 is a complete failure. Many wonders whether being the first country in the sub-Sahara to gain independence was really necessary. Perhaps we shouldn’t have rushed in trying to break away from colonial rule as the country is now been managed by the West now by the Chinese as we wallow in debt.

Some think the South Africa example should be our example. It’s one of the countries to gain independence late but development is what it’s been known for. It is one of the most developed countries in the world and the only country in Africa which had the capacity to host the world cup. Africa, in general, is been tagged as one poor continent with a lot of miseries by the West, and from the look of things they are not far from right.

As Ghana celebrates its 66th birthday, we today have a look at some of the best presidents the country have had so far by way of grading them and it appears our current president will be leading the race from ascending order; from the lowest to the highest.

Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo (E8)

Using the current WASSCE system, the current president of the Republic of Ghana has performed really poorly. I think I might be mistaken, he is continuing to perform poorly. With a large government of more than 100 ministers, one would have thought Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo will be better but it appears he seems to be the most confused president the country has ever seen,

With an agenda of Ghana beyond Aid, he now has a cup in hand begging for the IMF to grant him a loan of $3 billion. Is that not confusing?

Another confusion has to do with the fact that he made us understand during his campaign season that; Yeti sika so enso ekum de yen but the sort of hunger this country has experienced I believe is far beyond the 1983 famine.

Listing the failures of this government is something that can fill an entire foolscap notebook and that is something I don’t want to entangle myself with. As for the dollar rate and the economy in general, the least said about that, the better.

Jerry John Rawlings (D7)

J.J Rawlings will be graded a D7 using the current WASSCE system. He just had a pass. Why? Talk of one president who really had the chance to change the country’s fortunes and he is someone who the mantle fell upon. For 19 good years, he was in the whelm of affairs of the country and for 19 years he did nothing extraordinary other than selling state’s properties to family and cronies and giving us a shambolic constitution that supports bribery and corruption. A constitution that shields those who steal from the state and gives former presidents immunity isn’t something that anyone should be happy about.

J.A Kuffour (C6)

With 8 years in office, he did quite well even though his government was not spared from corruption as well but with social interventions like the National Health Schemes and free maternal delivery, he needs to be given the credit due him hence the C6.

John Mahama (C5)

Another president who needs to be given credit is the man John Mahama. With a little four over years in office, he really embarked on some major developmental projects lifting the phase of many cities in the country, But one thing many Ghanaians found it difficult to understand is the fact that he took too long in addressing the country’s energy sector issues.

John Evans Fiifi Ata Mills (C4)

Credit needs to be given to the president of blessed memory. He was on a great mission o transforming the country but had his days numbered as death laid its cold fingers on him whiles in power but he did quite well though.

Ignatius Kutu Achaempong (B3)

For making the country food sufficient with his Operation Feed Yourself agenda, there is no doubt he is one of the good presidents the country have seen so far.

Kwame Nkrumah (A1)

The first president of the Republic of Ghana will be graded as an excellent student for his vision for the country, His achievements still stand till date and it is no wonder he was once voted as Africa’s Man of the Millenium several years after his death.


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