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“God is Never Late” – Meet the Lady who Gave birth to Quintuplets after 20 years of Barrenness

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A 45-year-old lady has got everyone inspired on social media after photos of hers, her husband and her Quintuplets were posted on the internet. According to reports, the lady has been barren for 20 years. You can imagine the pressure from the families of the man and sometimes even the man himself.

Regardless of all the struggles she went through, she waited on God for the appointed time. God being so good, she finally conceived after 20 years of waiting for this happy moment. To her greatest surprise, the pregnancy contained 5 kids which she delivered safely. She prayed for one, now she has it in multiples, God is great.

Most social media users who came into contact with the photos congratulated the couple and also used the opportunity to tap into the abundant blessings of the lady.


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