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9 Most Expensive Houses in the World

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8. Palazzo di Amore – $195 Million

Next on the list when it comes to the most expensive houses in the world and it appears you can’t take off Palazzo di Amore which is valued at $195 million.

The name might sound like Italian or Spanish but this is a house that can be found in California; USA. Located exactly at Beverly Hill, it was voted as the most expensive residential building in the whole of the United States in the year 2014.

It covers 53,000 acres and consists of 12 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms, numerous swimming pools, tennis courts, waterfalls and theatres, and also has a 27 car garage. 

What even makes the house really unique and you will be amazed to find out that the house also has a revolving dance floor and ballroom.

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  1. The houses you feature present a strong argument for these people who buy them, namely the fact that their enormous egos will not allow them to be incredibly self-centered and – ultimately – extremely insecure. People who try to find their identity through what they own are some of the most miserable and unhappy people on this planet. As is often noted, no one has ever witness a hearse towing a U-Haul with someone’s posessions.

    Ultimately, most if not all of the people who own these homes are miserable and unhappy, and why? Because there are, and will always be, people who are richer than they are. Sad, as it is the majority of the super rich who use most of their money to alleviate in part so many millions of starving and otherwise critically ill people the world over. Super rich? I don’t care, unless you use all the money you don’t need to help the most-unfortunate among us.
    Peter Devries,
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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