What are the countries that come to mind when it comes to development? I know there are some big countries running through your mind but I tell you; you will be shocked to know there are some countries I believe you will be shocked to see on the list.

Let therefore have a look at the top 10 highly developed countries in the world according to the Human Development Index. The ranking is solely based on how peaceful the country is and its infrastructural development and education and so there is no doubt a lot goes into the index.

10. Denmark – 0.900

Denmark is ranked number 10 as the most developed country in the world indexing 0.9 according to the research from the Human Development Index.

With a GDP of $37,794, Denmark is one country seen as one of the few countries in the world that has the highest level of income equality and ranks high when it comes to workers’ rights and economic freedom. It is the only country in Europe to offer the easiest place for doing business and offers a free labour market.

It is one country that has a high life expectancy in Europe as well with a life expectancy range of 79.5 years. 77 among the men and 82 among the women. The women seem to live ling than the men.

All these make Denmark one of the 10 countries that are highly developed in the world. Have you been to be Denmark before? What’s your experience there like?

9. Singapore – 0.901

Singapore is ranked number 9 in the world when it comes to countries that are really developed in the world. What makes this small island really unique? And you will be surprised it has the third-highest GDP in the world. The Gross Domestic Product per capita is $64,584. It is a country that also boasts of excellent health care, great education and an innovative economy.

The country really has a high level of life expectancy. And as usual, the women live longer than the men. 80 years among the men and 85 years among the women.

One thing about Singapore too is that it’s the 2nd freest economy in the world and can boast of low corruption, low unemployment and their life expectancy is the 4th best in the world. Singapore has some interesting laws in the world and you will be amazed it’s illegal to chew gum all in the quest to keep the country clean.

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