On that day,

Sister and brother sit together, talking finished

A moment of  grief engulfed my heart

A time for departure awaits us in the mid of our love

She is to move from the dusty streets of Kojokrom

To the beautiful and well-lighted streets of Barcelona

Her beauty still engulfs my heart

And can attract the heart of every king

Though they set guards at the gates

Day and night to watch over and

protect him

From assassins, reactionaries, thieves

And beautiful creatures

Terrorists and dissidents and the


Little do the guards know

Their sleepless protection is of

no avail.

For these men of violence in

whose way they stand

Pass in and out of the castle


Securely hidden where no man

can find them,

Deep in the master’s own heart

The king’s heart will yearn for her beauty

In my loneliness, I hide behind that mask

Behind the mask, you have hidden for years.

Did the mask hide the man, or the man and his fears?

Behind the mask, there are a million tears.

Behind the mask is the man who is weak

Behind the mask is the man who is meek

Behind the mask, you’re nothing at all

You use the mask so you don’t fall

Behind that mask

Moment of separation

Moment of loneliness

Moment without her

Moment of thinking

Are mended like the broken slate pieces.

Behind that mask,

I pour out those wraths on that paper.

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