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It appears if you are a policeman and you find yourself in Pokuase a suburb in Accra to patronise any prostitute, it appears you need to go and come back in 2026 since the prostitutes there have agreed not offer their services to any policeman till the next 5 years.

According to the union president, Fresh Girl Baby Jet, the police did not accord them preferential treatment when they raided their hideout.

They say this will serve as a lesson to the Ghana Police service to treat them with respect.

They also entreated other prostitutes groups to heed their intention and stop providing services to the police.

“We, the above mentioned group, have come into concomitant position that, from henceforth, we shall not render any form of sexual intercourse, intimacy or jolly ride to any police officer in Ghana for the next 5 years ahead of us”, excerpt of the statement read.

Read full statement below;