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Buhari Is The National Mishap – Ayo Fayose Blames Buhari For The Insecurity In Nigeria

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The former governor Ayo Fayose tired of all the insecurity in the country and the killing of people blamed president Buhari for being the cause of all that and being the Jonah in the boat of Nigerians causing problems for them.

According to Ayo Fayose, nothing is wrong with Nigeria as a country and nothing is wrong with Nigerians as a people but rather president Buhari is the national mishap and the Jonah in the boat of Nigerians causing trouble.

Ayo Fayose also added that this insecurity is one too many and painfully Nigerians will have to endure that till 2023 praying that God keeps them all till 2023 so they can elect a new president who will bring sanity to the country.

The actions of President Buhari in relation to the insecurity going on in his country has raised a lot of questions in the mind of others as he has blatantly refused to address the issue in his country but fly to address that in another country and that is why Ayo Fayose is blaming him.

Ayo Fayose isn’t the only one blaming president Buhari for the insecurity in the country as every other Nigerian youth is blaming him because of his actions refusing to work and let peace rain in the country.

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