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Boost your immune system with some of these foods.

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In this era of having to deal with a pandemic in the shape of COVID19 and now omicron, staying healthy is something we simply can’t lose guard. We are told to wash our hands and of course the need to mask up has been recommended but the most important of all is for us to be vaccinated.

But our attention today is to have a look at ways to boost our immune system since that is the first place of attack when any disease wants to get to us to destroy our health. Health is indeed something that is really paramount and needs to be taken seriously but unfortunately, most people hardly pay attention to it especially the youth. The youth when in their prime hardly take care of themselves, therefore, consuming all sorts of things which at the end have diverse effects on the body resulting in all sorts of diseases at the end when one gets old or is getting old.

And so what are some of the foods that can help us boost our immune system? We are made to believe the immune system defends the body from infection. It is made up of a complex network of cells, chemicals, tissues and organs. An underactive or overactive immune system can cause health issues. The immune system’s job is to protect the body from infection. It recognizes invaders such as bacteria, viruses etc. and fights against them

Eating healthily so you avoid nutritional deficiencies is another vital weapon in your immune health armoury. Tuck into these top foods, suggested by loveFOOD’s nutritionist Angela Dowden, to help yourself stay well year-round.

A daily carrot

Just one carrot supplies enough beta carotene for your body to convert into 1480mg of vitamin A (that’s plenty more than the daily recommendation of 800mg).

Vitamin A is vital for your defences as it keeps the mucous passages that act as a physical barrier to viruses and bacteria healthy.

Eating carrots cooked is the best way as heat softens the cell walls, allowing more beta carotene to be absorbed.

Pile on the peppers

Both red and green peppers have twice the vitamin C content of oranges.

Vitamin C is important for maintaining a healthy immune system, particularly during and after intensive physical activity (marathon runners take note).

Red peppers are also rich in vital vitamin A.

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