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Beautiful Lady in Shock after She got Dumped by Boyfriend for Not Flushing the Toilet

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One beautiful Nigerian lady has found herself on the long list of broken-hearted individuals in the world but it appears her case is quite different. She got dumped by her boyfriend for not flushing the toilet after using it.

According to the lady, she has never had luck dating people she personally knows hence she decided to try the option of online dating.

She downloaded an online dating app, Tinder, uploaded her profile and was matched with a guy in Abuja.

After chatting with him for some months and falling in love in the process, he pressured her to visit him.

The date was going well until she got pressed and decided to use the restroom. She inquired about his facilities, and he pointed to the restroom.

Unfortunately, she forgot to flush the toilet after she was done and eventually went home.

At home, she wondered why the guy did not call her again. The next morning, after using her toilet at home and flushing, she remembered the incident at the guy’s house and understood why he decided to block her on all the various social media platforms.


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