Cristiano Ronaldo has come out to confirm the death of his twin son. It is really disheartening to know the twin son of Manchester United forward has been confirmed dead.

Way back in October, he and his girlfriend confirmed pregnancy rumours to the world that they were expecting twins but it appears only one of the children survived during childbirth.

This is the official statement released by the family of Cristiano Ronaldo;

Today is the 15th of April and it happens to be the birthday of Kofi Kinaata; one of the finest musicians in Ghana.

On his birthday, he always makes it a point to release a song for his fans and today is no exception. He is out with a beautiful tune which he has titled ‘Have Mercy’.

The singer is now 32 years of age as he was born on 15th April, 1990. Of course there is more life to follow as he continues to receive birthday wishes across the board from various celebrities and fans.

The song which he released less than 3 hours ago has had over 10,000 streams so far. Kindly listen to it below;

Blogger Tutugyagu has shared details of how one young Ghanaian man was murdered by his own friends out of jealousy.

The young man, Moses Acolatse Seddoh Harlem was said to be Ghana’s version of Hushpuppi as he lived “larger than large” and flaunted his flamboyance on social media characterized by exotic cars and bundles of cedi notes.

Moses, from the report put in the shape of a TikTok video, allegedly died after being poisoned by his own friends who could no longer endure how intimidating his status in life made them.

Watch the video below;

The captain of the Ghana Black Stars was recently in the news after losing his $20,000 rated watch after the match between Ghana and Nigeria at the Baba Yara Stadium in Kumasi.

Even though Andre Ayew never played a part in the match due to his suspension, he was in the stands to cheer his teammates on. The match ended in a goalless draw but in the end, it was Ayew that was making the headlines.

The cost of his wristwatch after it was reported stolen is something that makes many to wonder how rich he is. And this is one post that will seek to look into the net worth of Andre Ayew as well.

And so who is Andre Ayew?

Born on December 17, 1989, in Seclin, he is the son of Ghana’s legend, Abedi Pele. Prior to him making name for himself on the global stage, he started his career at 1860 Munchen, where his father was a player.

Ayew started playing at the age of ten for Nania in Accra, Ghana, where his father was club chairman. He was 14 years old when he was promoted to the senior team after four years of playing in the club’s youth program.

He was a member of the senior team but still took part in youth-sanctioned events such as the Altstetten U-19 Tournament 2004 in which he was one of the tournament’s most recognizable players.

Ayew was a professional football player at Nania for two years before he left the club to return to France to play for his father’s club, Marseille.

Andre Ayew was an aspirant (“trainee”) who joined the club. He was placed into the youth system of the club and then signed a three-year professional contract with Marseille. Ayew was promoted to the senior team and given the number 29 shirt.

Ayew, a youth representative of Ghana at the under-20 level, led the team to victory at the 2009 FIFA U-20 World Cup and the 2009 African Youth Championship.

Ayew scored two goals in the African Youth Championship against Cameroon and South Africa in group stage. Ghana reached the final with a 4-3 semi-final win over Cameroon, where they defeated their group stage rivals Cameroon by 2-0.

The team qualified for the U-20 World Cup after their championship win. Ayew scored two goals against England during the tournament. He also scored the equalizing goal against South Africa at the round 16.

Dominic Adiyiah scored the goal that won Ghana the match in extra-time. Ayew led the team to wins over South Korea and Hungary in the quarter-finals. They then advanced to the semi-finals, where they will face Brazil. To win the U-20 World Cup, Ghana beat Brazil 4-3 with penalties. Ayew converted Ghana’s first penalty during the shootout.

Ayew was first called up by Ghana coach Claude Le Roy on 7 August 2007 for the friendly match against Senegal. Ayew made his international debut by appearing as a substitute in the last match of the match. Ayew was selected to the Ghana team to participate in the 2008 Africa Cup of Nations on January 11, 2008.

Andre Ayew Awards

He has won several awards, including, Coupe de la Ligue: 2010–11, 2011–12, Trophée des Champions: 2010, 2011, FIFA U-20 World Cup: 2009, African Youth Championship: 2009, Africa Cup of Nations runner-up: 2010, 2015, CAF Team of the Year: 2010, 2011, 2015, BBC African Footballer of the Year: 2011, Ghana Player of the Year: 2011, Africa Cup of Nations Top Scorer: 2015, Africa Cup of Nations Team of the Tournament: 2015, Premier League Player of the Month: August 2015, Prix Marc-Vivien Foé: 2015, and IFFHS CAF Men’s Team of the Decade 2011–2020.

Andre Ayew Net Worth

Andre Ayew net worth is estimated at $25 million. And he is married to Yvonne and both have two beautiful daughters.

A young and heartbroken Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to detail how he got hospitalized after he saw his then serious girlfriend sleeping with another man.

As narrated by the man beloved to be in his early 30s with reference to his pictures on the internet, he got hospitalized after he met his ex-lover on the bed riding another guy and moaning and sweating like she was representing the whole of Africa in a sex marathon.

He confessed that it was so painful and hard to deal with for months hence the reason he got hospitalized.

The man who is still dealing with the heartbreak also added that it’s the lady who broke his virginity and taught him everything he now knows about sex.

His tweet reads;

I’ve been hospitalized because of heartbreak before. I met her on the bed riding another guy and moaning and sweating and riding so hard. It’s wasn’t a joke. It was so painful and hard to deal with for months.

You know why it hurts to bad. She broke my virginity. She thought me all I needed to know about sex.. She made me a sex addict. I’m FREE Now!!!.

On the real, I just don’t know whether to see him as the luckiest man in the world but to have three women fall for you at a time isn’t something that comes really easy.

This is the story of these Kenyan triplets who have confessed their love to one young man. They all claim to be in love with him and tend to settle down with him.

According to report as narrated by them, Cate was the first among the three to have met the man and then shared her experience with her siblings.

She said “I saw him and told Mary about it before Eve also learnt about him and fell for him. We are planning to marry him and he is ready for it as well.”

People are asking if the man has the strength to take care of these three beautiful looking young ladies.

Stories that have morals and messages behind them are always powerful. In fact, it’s crazy just how powerful a 200 word story can be.

Our last article of short stories became so popular, that we decided to create another list, in which every story has a simple moral behind it.

The 10 Best Short Moral Stories

Some of these stories are very short and basic. In fact some are so basic they’re most likely featured in children’s books somewhere. However, the strength of the message remains the same.

Here are some more of the best short moral stories:

1. An Old Man Lived in the Village

An old man lived in the village. He was one of the most unfortunate people in the world. The whole village was tired of him; he was always gloomy, he constantly complained and was always in a bad mood.

The longer he lived, the more bile he was becoming and the more poisonous were his words. People avoided him, because his misfortune became contagious. It was even unnatural and insulting to be happy next to him.

He created the feeling of unhappiness in others.

But one day, when he turned eighty years old, an incredible thing happened. Instantly everyone started hearing the rumour:

“An Old Man is happy today, he doesn’t complain about anything, smiles, and even his face is freshened up.”

The whole village gathered together. The old man was asked:

Villager: What happened to you?

“Nothing special. Eighty years I’ve been chasing happiness, and it was useless. And then I decided to live without happiness and just enjoy life. That’s why I’m happy now.” – An Old Man

Moral of the story:

Don’t chase happiness. Enjoy your life.

The lives of the rich and famous seem perfect from afar, but most people don’t think about how awful it is to be a popular target for unhinged legal actions that anyone can file without the help of an attorney.

From Beyoncé being accused of black magic to Jay-Z being sued for his signature hand gesture, check out this gallery to see the craziest lawsuits people have filed against celebrities.


Kimberly Thompson, who worked as Beyoncé’s drummer for seven years, filed for a restraining order, claiming the star used “Extreme witchcraft, Dark magic” and “Magic spells of sexual molestation.”

Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Mariah Carey

A woman named Tina Seals filed a lawsuit against not one but all three of these superstars, alleging that she is the real mother to their children.

The lawsuits sought a record deal for her (real) son with Kanye West, vocal sessions with Carey’s coach, and for Carey’s label to produce five CDs for her, with Carey featured on one.

Psalm Adjeteyfio who rose to prominence in the early 2000’s for featuring in a Series dubbed TAXI has been confirmed death after heart failure.

Ace broadcaster and sports journalist Kofi Asare Brako has confirmed the news on his Facebook page.

He sadly announced a few minutes ago thus;

Rest in peace, Psalm Adjeteyfio, a.k.a. . The veteran Ghanaian actor Psalm Adjeteyfio revealed a couple of weeks ago that he has been diagnosed with end-stage heart failure which has indirectly placed a limit to his lifespan. He passed away this morning at his Ayikuma home, the source said.

Before his death, Psalm Adjeteyfio has hit back at those ridiculing him for going public to beg for funds to alleviate his penury despite acting for close to three decades yet has nothing to show for it.

In a lengthy conversation with Graphic Showbiz recently, Psalm Adjeteyfio said while there was the impression that he was very irresponsible contrary to widespread mainstream perception which has ultimately earned him criticisms from some quarters, the opposite is what holds truism.

In response, he said;

“It’s unfortunate that people say such things. When I hear such comments it tells me that such people lack experience, they are not grown and are not mature. I have rented a three-bedroom house before and was driving an old jalopy taking my children to school before going for lectures at the University of Ghana, Legon.

I trained as a teacher, I was earning a salary and acting at the same time and making some extra money but as the saying goes, time changes. Situations will arise and I suffered some untold difficulties. I had been very sick with this disease arthritis which is very painful, right now I am receiving treatment for heart failure and I have been in this situation for the past three and a half to four years.

I have been seeing a doctor at 37 Military Hospital and if it were in the US, I would be on the waiting list for a heart transplant. I have consumed more than 6,000 tablets and capsules and I am still on medication and you know medications have their side effects.

My body itself lacks strength, I am not very strong but I thank the Almighty that I am alive. So when somebody asks what did he do with his money? I have children and I pay rent. I have family and I take care of my family as well, my son fell sick recently and I was charged GH¢9,000 but through these donations, I have been able to pay that debt.

So you don’t ask a man with children what he did with his money that means you lack maturity. When I fell very sick, our minds were off the electricity because they don’t bring us bills in this area only for them to bring us a bill of GH¢4,500 and now they say our bill proper is GH¢8,000 so if you ask me what do I do with my money, sometimes I get irritated.

And they say things like I shot Taxi Driver, I acted in movies etc, do you know what I have been through? I am a very responsible man,” he said.
Psalm Adjeteyfio was, however, very grateful for the support he had received and said he was even bewildered. “It never crossed my mind that things will turn out this way because I only prayed in my room when the landlord was demanding his rent and I didn’t know how to pay because I had nothing.
Usually, when someone wants to interview me, he calls me first and we book an appointment but with this one, I was in my room when we heard knocks at the gate so I asked my son to check who it was and he said some people were here to interview me so we let them in.

There is a saying that when you are sick and you don’t sell your sickness you may not get the cure so I told them the situation I was in, we spoke for about an hour and a half and the result is what we are seeing today.

I heard that the Vice-President had heard about my plight and wanted to see to my situation and I was very surprised. This same guy who came to interview me called again to say he will pass by so I was wondering if he didn’t get enough information the first time but apparently he had been sent by the Vice-President.

Today, you’ll discover the top 10 health benefits of eating turmeric every day. Do you eat turmeric? Maybe you already consume turmeric in curries or turmeric latte known as golden milk.

Turmeric is a plant from the ginger family. It is commonly used as a spice and also as traditional medicine. The benefits of turmeric come from curcuminoids. The main curcuminoid of turmeric is curcumin, which makes up 77% of all curcuminoids and gives turmeric its yellow color.

Number 10. “Protect Your Neurons.”

Neurons or nerve cells transport information between different areas of the brain. Fortunately, neurons can increase and grow new connections even in adulthood. This is great news because you can keep your brain healthy by enhancing nerve cell connections.

Curcumin can increase brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a protein that promotes healthy neurons and improves memory and learning. When neurons are damaged, BDNF decreases, and neurodegenerative diseases such as depression, epilepsy, migraine, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s disease can occur.

Curcumin also protects nerve cells from damage by blocking inflammatory molecules.

It reduces Alzheimer’s disease symptoms and migraine by binding to a protein called Amyloid Beta. When these protein pieces clump together to form plaques in the brain, it leads to brain damage. Research on Alzheimer’s patients has found that curcumin removes these plaques and prevents their formation.