Ashantigold SC has been demoted to the Division Two league after being found guilty of match manipulation in the 2020/21 Ghana Premier League Matchday 34 game against Inter Allies FC.

The demotion will take effect from the 2022/23 league season.

Officials of the club and players who participated in the offence have also been sanctioned by the GFA Disciplinary Committee of the FA.

The officials include the President of Ashantigold, Kwaku Frimpong, who has also been banned for 10years for his involvement.

Inter Allies, currently in Division One has been demoted to Division Two.

The Central Region Police are probing the circumstances surrounding the death of a level 300 student from the Cape Coast Technical University at OLA Estate in Cape Coast on Friday night.

Nana Ama Clark’s body was discovered minus her private parts in a pool of blood.

Around 9:00 p.m. on Friday, police received information that a female adult had been discovered dead by the roadside at OLA Estate, near the OLA College of Education in Cape Coast.

According to the police, they arrived at the scene and discovered the body of an unknown woman, aged around 24, lying naked with her private part ‘vagina’ chopped off and bruises all over her body.

Residents in the region are outraged by the incident and are pleading with the police to apprehend and prosecute the offenders.

Residents ruled out the possibility that the 24-year-old was killed by a hit-and-run vehicle. Residents claim that the circumstantial evidence does not support an accident but rather a skillfully coordinated scheme, even before the police finish their investigations.

Residents of OLA Estate are also requesting that the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly repair the area’s broken street lights.

The entire OLA-Bakaano section, where the event occurred, is completely dark at night, and neighbours believe that the darkness encourages criminals to commit such crimes.

A third-year student at the Assin Fosu College of Education (FOSCO) in the Central region is receiving treatment at a hospital after a snake struck his testicles while attending to nature’s call.

According to the young man, he quickly jumped to his feet after feeling a sharp sting in his balls only to discover the snake coiled up in the toilet bowl.

The incident reportedly happened at about 5:30 – 6 pm on Wednesday, May 11 2022.

Narrating the incident to Accra-based Adom News, a colleague said the victim received the non-venomous strike while using the toilet in an abandoned toilet facility on campus.

He explained that, despite the availability of an ultra-modern toilet facility in the school, some of the students prefer to use the old latrine.

Meanwhile, sources contacted in the school tell GHPage that the facility where the student was bitten by the reptile isn’t abandoned, contrary to claims.

The student who spoke to the media said they heard the victim crying for help and rushed him to the St. Francis Xavier Government Hospital in Assin Fosu

A tutor at the school, Inusah Mohammad who confirmed the incident said the victim is responding to treatment.

In a dramatic turn of events, an unidentified man seemingly turned into a cow after he bedded a married woman.

In a video doing rounds on social media, the man is seen sitting on the ground, sobbing. His legs had turned into a cow’s trotters, and he had grown a tail, which was wiggling from behind him.

The man is crying like a human being, but in between the sobs, he is making the mooing sounds like a cow.

As he moos, a group of people surrounds him in utter shock and bemusement, taking videos of the strange and dramatic incident. They inspect his trotters and take videos of his tail.

The said incident is believed to have occurred in Zimbabwe. Watch the video below;

A good turn certainly deserves another. The video of a taxi driver who returned an amount of 8,000 cedis mistakenly left in his car to the rightful owner left him with praise from many Ghanaians.

In the video, one could clearly see the fish monger was tears as she couldn’t believe what has happened. In midst of all her tears, she still managed to show her gratitude to the driver amid showering him with blessings.

But it appears the fortunes of the taxi driver has changed for good as his good gesture has been rewarded greatly. The vice president of of Ghana was the first to send his donation to him through renowned journalist, Manesseh Azure. The vice president rewarded him with 20,000 cedis whiles Manesseh and friends added 2,250 cedis to the amount during the presentation.

Kidi; the reigning artiste of the Year in Ghana also gave him 5,000 cedis with the CEO of one media house giving him $1,000. Asempa Fm was able to raISE 15,000 cedis within an hour for him as well.

Donations keep pouring in and now has over 50,000 cedis in donations. I am sure the amount will keep on changing as most Ghanaians continue to appreciate him.

A video circulating online shows the moment a guy is embarrassed in the market place when he simply went on his kneels to propose to his girlfriend.

No sooner had he gone down to make the proposal than the lady started throwing tantrums at him.

“You dey mad? Why do you have to embarrass me like this,” the lady shouted as she moved up and down.

The market folks had no option but to look on as the man remained rooted to the spot with the lady still refusing to accept the proposal.

Watch the embarrassing video below;

The most handsome prisoner is now a moviestar

Model and ex-con Jeremy Meeks has hit the silver screen. He plays one of the characters in the action movie ‘Dutch’, released in the U.S. on March 12, 2021. The cast also includes Lance Gross, Tyrin Turner and Melissa L. Williams.

He’d read the book in jail

The movie ‘Dutch’ is based on a book series that Meeks used to read himself while he was in prison. Him playing one of the main parts in the film is the end of an amazing journey from jail to Hollywood.

How did he become the world’s most handsome prisoner?

Jeremy Meeks’ mug shot went viral on social media in 2014.

As women, when we hit it off with a guy and want to take things forward, why do we want him to show interest first? They say finding love in the modern world is tough, when the truth is, it’s only as tough as we make it.

As women, when we hit it off with a guy and want to take things forward, why do we want him to show interest first?

Why do we spend hours waiting for his text, hoping for him to ask us out? Perhaps, we’re conditioned to think that men don’t appreciate women being forward and moving too fast – but if that’s how we’re really feeling, why be afraid to show it?

Moreover, not all men think this way. Many of them, in fact, find women with confidence and clarity irresistibly attractive! It shows that you don’t believe in gender roles and can look after yourself.

But how will you ever find out if you never make the first move? If you’re still not convinced about texting him first, here are 5 more reasons you should:

  • Confidence is attractive

Not all men are intimidated by women who are strong, vocal and upfront. If he is, you don’t want him in your life anyway! It’s 2022 and women must stop caring about coming across as ‘too much’ of anything, and start owning their emotions like a boss. If you’re in love, you’re in love. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, a lot of guys appreciate women having clarity and confidence. It’s a refreshing change for them.

  • Cut through the waiting

When you meet a new guy and the chemistry starts building up, you go through a jittery phase of waiting for his texts. Although he’s on your mind all the time, you don’t want to initiate the conversation because you’re afraid of coming across as too eager or too available. At times, it’s good to not overthink things and simply take the plunge. It can really save you some mental energy. Besides, life is short and we don’t want to waste time waiting for love to happen, right?

  • He could be shy

As women, we’re conditioned to think that men have to lead the way in love. They’re expected to text us first, ask us out, drop us home, pay on dates and pop the question – while we simply play the passive role in the relationship. Not only is this unfair, but also super boring! Maybe he is interested in you but is too shy to say it. Text him first and save yourself, and him, the trouble!

  • Get rid of delusions 

At times, it can so happen that you think you’ve hit it off with a guy, but he doesn’t really feel the same way. The only way to know is to communicate. Being delusional and building castles in the air can really hurt you in the long run. So don’t hesitate to text him first and figure out what he’s thinking. Being turned down now is better than being disappointed later.

This letter was written by one woman to all women.

Berlinda Entsie

One of the most controversial football agents in the world; Mino Riola has been confirmed dead in the wee hours of today. The Italian agent was very influential in the football cycle as he had the likes of Pogba, Ibrahimovic, Haaland, etc under his belt when it comes to managing their football career.

BeIN Sports correspondent Tancredi Palmeri broke the story with a tweet that read: “Italian football agent Mino Raiola died after illness. He was agent of Ibrahimovic, Pogba, Haaland etc.”

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reports that Riola was admitted at a hospital in Milan in January and underwent very delicate surgery.

Although the nature of the illness hasn’t been disclosed, reports suggest his condition wasn’t life-threatening and that Raiola would begin a period of rehabilitation at home.

But unfortunately, he is no more. He was 54.

The world is indeed a funny place. A man-woman has received the beatings of his life after his corny ways were discovered, He works as a hook-up ‘guy’ giving bjs to guys.

He purposefully dressed as a lady and went to an Accra club. The men booked him and also allowed him to give them bjs.

With a wig and an ass-pad, the gentleman was able to beat the protocol and was almost never suspected by the men at the club.

No sooner had the man played with the manhood of the men than they realized he was a man who had dressed as a hookup girl in order to make money for the night.

Nobody identified him until he was done with the act. The distraught men took him into their car, punched him a couple of times and drove him off.

His adornments which gave him an unsuspecting girlish look were taken off.

Check Out Video Below: