We all know that Banana is one of the nutritious fruits which is consumed in every corner of the world.

Taking it on a daily basis has been linked to a number of health benefits, thanks to its antioxidants properties.

As for today, our concern is on what will happen to the body when you eat it every day.

So without further ado, let’s delve into the details.

1. It will boost your energy level

Off the shelves, we know bananas are a great source of energy. They provide 21% of the daily adult carbohydrates requirements which is why it is most recommended to take it before, during and even after a workout or exercise.

The photo was first sighted on the Instagram platform of blogger Van De Maestro.

A lot of netizens have however asserted that the marriage ceremony took place in South Africa.

The wedding reportedly received the blessing of the 14-year old boy and the family of the woman.

As portrayed in the photo shared herein, the duo seemed happy about their union, and from where stand, our opinions don’t matter at all.

The death of the Noble Peace winner came as a surprise to many. Desmond Tutu passed away at a ripe age of 90 years. He was a great activist and is the author behind the controversial book titled God is not a Christian where he raised some interesting facts. His main argument is; if God was to be a Christian, what happens to be the fate of those who died before Christ was born because the Bible makes us to understand that one will miss heaven when he or she doesn’t accept Christ as his or her personal saviour.

I guess that is something we will take a look at later but let us have a look at some of the memorable quotes from Desmond Tutu.

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”

“My father always used to say, ‘Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument.’ Good sense does not always lie with the loudest shouters, nor can we say that a large, unruly crowd is always the best arbiter of what is right.”

“We may be surprised at the people we find in heaven. God has a soft spot for sinners. His standards are quite low.”

“When the missionaries came to Africa, they had the Bible and we had the land. They said, ‘Let us pray.’ We closed our eyes. When we opened them, we had the Bible, and they had the land.”

 “Enemies are always friends waiting to be made.”

“We need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in.”

“I wish I could shut up, but I can’t, and I won’t.”

For failing to remove materials that incite religious hatred and promote views of “extremist and terrorist organisations”, among other violations as the Russian statement said, Google has been fined $100 million while with $25 million slapped at the face of Facebook.

According to report;

“For the first time, a Russian court has imposed fines that make up a share of the annual revenue of these companies in Russia,” Russia’s state communications regulator Roskomnadzor said in a statement.

The regulator said that Google and Meta had “ignored multiple demands” to remove materials that incite religious hatred and promote views of “extremist and terrorist organisations”, among other violations.

It appears the fines went to all the major social media networks in the world as Twitter was not left out. Twitter also received its fair share of the fine but it seems it is nothing compared to the hefty fines that were slashed on Googe and Facebook. Its fine was in the range of $40,000.

Google when reached to denied any wrongdoing hence had this to say; “We’ll study the court documents and then decide on next steps,”

With 2022 just a few days away and with the greatest sporting event just a few months away, we today intend to have a look at the amazing Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Stadiums.

Qatar is one country regarded as the richest country in the world when it comes to GDP as it has a GDP in excess of $88,000. And so there is no doubt the world really expects some iconic stadiums from their end and amazingly they delivered.

Let us therefore have a look at some of the amazing stadiums the world will be witnessing the world cup from;

Khalifa International Stadium

One of the eight stadiums billed to host some of the world cup matches is that of the Kalifa International Stadium. This 45,416 sitting capacity stadium was built in 1976 but got renovated in 2017 for the coming World Cup. It has hosted lots and lots of tournaments including the Asian Games, the Gulf Cup and the AFC Asian Cup.

The Khaifa International Stadium will host some of the group stage matches, Round 16 matches and semi-final matches.

Technology has really advanced and has taken centre stage in this world. We are therefore going to have a look at the 12 most technologically advanced countries in the world. Is your country on the list?

12) China

China has often been touted as the next super power. Some say that it is already a superpower. The nation has surprised the world with major developments in the field of technology. Gunpowder and compass were first used in China. Today it is focusing on fields like robotics, semiconductors, high-speed trains, supercomputers, genetics and automobiles. It is steadily expanding its space exploration program.

A look at the 10 richest athletes in the world is what is on the radar today. Sports, in general, is now a big-time business bringing in millions of dollars each and every year making most sport owners and athletes rich.

Who do you think is the richest sports personality in the world? That is what we intend to have a look at for today.

Let begin;

1. Vince McMahone – $2.2 Billion

Vince McMahon is a 74-year-old American professional wrestler and wrestling promoter, who has been ranked as the richest athlete in the world with a net worth estimation of $2.2 billion.

As the CEO of WWE, McMahon makes his money from promoting wrestling and is considered one of the most popular athletes in the world.

2. Michael Jordan – $2.1 Billion.

Michael Jordan is a 57-year-old American retired professional basketball player. He is considered one of the most popular and greatest basketball players in history.

With a net worth estimation of $2.1 billion, Jordan is the second richest athlete in the world. He owns a team Charlotte Hornets in NBA.

A photo of a 10-year-old girl making rounds on social media has gotten everyone talking with some wondering how possible. The young girl who is believed to be from Soweto, South Africa somehow looks perplexed when her picture is been taken.

According to report, the guy who got the girl pregnant is also a minor as many were calling for his arrest for destroying the future of this young girl but since he is also a minor, there is nothing that can be done.

If this small girl should give birth successfully as the pregnancy is already in an advanced stage, it is in the ninth month; she is likely to join the list of youngest mothers in the world and I believe she is most likely to be the youngest mother from Africa since per the records, the youngest mother the world has ever seen was Lina Medina who gave birth when she was only aged 5.

Have a look at the picture and simply judge things for yourself;