We woke up today to the news of an alleged imposter impersonating the MP for Dome Kwabenya; Adwoa Sarfo. With parliament somehow hanging and divided over the issue of the 2022 budget, it appears every vote is needed from the side of the majority in order for the budget to be accepted.

The news making rounds now is the fact Adwoa Sarfo was not in parliament yesterday but instead her sister was the one that impersonated her in the chamber. And so the question here is, who is that impersonator?

The alleged imposter is known as Becky Sarfo bearing the same surname as the real MP. Many believe they are related. Time will certainly tell as its goes by.

And so where from all of these controversies? It is believed Adwoa Sarfo is sick and so has taken a sick leave to attend to her health and so the spotlight was on her when she seems to have ‘returned’ to parliament to cast her vote on the e-levy thing most Ghanaians aren’t happy about.

The name Marina Granovskaia is simply synonymous with football management. The Russian has really made some name for herself in a field dominated mostly by men. She recently won the Best Club Director in European football at the Golden Boy awards organized by Italian newspaper Tuttosport.

Marina has been the sporting director for Chelsea since 2013 and we are today going to have a look at her first 5 signings as Chelsea director.

Bertrand Traore

It appears the first signing she made was Burkinabe’s, Bertrand Traore. He signed a four and half year deal but found himself on two loan spells after playing 10 games for Chelsea and scoring twice.

He later joined Lyon on a permanent deal from Chelsea but he is now back to the premier league plying his trade for Aston Villa after Villa cough out 17 million pounds for his services.

Nemanja Matic

Many Chelsea supporters seem to have forgotten about him since he now plays for Manchester but before Kante and Jorginho boxing the midfield, there was a player Marina signed known as Nemanja Matic.

He is one of the few players to have two spells at the club as he was originally part of a swap deal for David Luiz in 2011 from Benfica. But some few months down the line, Marina thought it wise to bring him back to the club and so signed him again for 21 million pounds from Benfica and Nemanja Matic went on to become one of the powerhouses in the premier league then making it in the 2014-15 PFA Team of the Season.

He happens to be one of the best deals Marina has performed as he was sold to Manchester United in 2017 for a whopping sum of 40 million pounds.

Mohamed Salah

I think one of the regrets of Marina is the sale of Mohamed Salah even though the club made a profit of 2 million pounds from his sale. He was brought from FC Basel for a purported fee of £11million in January 2014.

Due to lack of playing time, he got himself loaned into the Italian Serie A. First to Fiorentina, then to AS Roma where the club finally made the deal permanent with 13 million pounds exchanging hands for his services.

That £2million profit may have seemed decent enough at the time, but it is now laughable. I think it’s one of the regrets of Marina as Mo Salah is now one of the torments of Chelsea anytime Liverpool meets Chelsea.

Kurt Zouma

Kurt Zouma is one of the most prolific defenders signed by Marina. He really paid his dues for the club anytime he got the opportunity to play.

After a few loan spells, Zouma became a solid defender, but was sold to West Ham this summer for £30million. A tidy profit for a player in a position where Chelsea is well stocked.

He is one of the successful businesses Chelsea has had. I hope they won’t be regretting with time.

Cesc Fabregas

It appears the 30 million pounds Chelsea spent for the services of Fabregas from Barcelona was not in vain as he really had a great season at Chelsea.

As Fabregas gave 18 assists en route to winning the Premiership. Fabregas spent almost 5 years at the club, winning two titles before Chelsea sanctioned his move to AS Monaco.

These were the first 5 signings of Marina Granovskaia as the sporting director Chelsea.

Evans the kidnapper gained a lot of prominence in 2013 after making some heinous confessions when he was arrested. He was seen as a billionaire and so his arrest came as surprise to many when it came out he was a kidnapper.

He was seen with one of the most expensive phones in the world as such phones are untrackable when calls are made and so it appears it was really useful for all his operations.

He has now been sentenced to death by hanging. At the sentencing by an Igbosere High Court in Lagos, Evans who was charged with kidnapping had pleaded not guilty. He was also charged for attempting to kidnap the chairman of the Young Shall Grow Motors, Mr Vincent Obianodo.

Other charges against him are bordering on conspiracy, kidnapping and unlawful possession of firearms. He now has fate sealed. Let see how things will go for him.

The death of this beautiful lady has really raised some sorts of concern for many especially when visiting the toilet. People now check to make sure they are safe before pulling down their trousers or whatever before sitting on the WC.

We are today going to have a look at ways one could prevent snakes from entering into your water closest.

It is rare snakes come through the sewer system pipes. They usually enter the home and seek the cool water to drink and lower their body temps. The bowl is inviting, dark and cool. They can smell the water. They do not come in there to attack you. They strike and bite when they feel threatened.

Search for ways the snake could enter the home, before assuming it came up in the toilet from the pipes. If no other evidence is found, you should screen the vent pipe entrance, and then install a multi-flap where the sewer pipe connects to the toilet. Do not flush a snake, call Wildlife Control to remove and relocate it.

While it isn’t common, there’re incidents like these happening. Snakes can get into your toilet, the only thing between you and the sewer is about 10 inches of water, and many types of snakes can slither through that.

The Sewer Line: While some creatures get into the plumbing by climbing down, others get there by climbing up. Critters that are good at holding their breath can come over from the main sewage line in your town to your home’s waste pipes. From there, they can work their way up to the toilet.

The reason it is there is that you have rats in your sewers. If you are in Africa, it could be a spitting cobra, so back off slowly, it may not need to hood to spit. Put on eye protection.

Stay calm, but keep you eye on the snake. You do not want it to head back into the sewer, so do not threaten it.

Put salts and kerosene in the sewer regularly to drive these deadly reptiles off.

This Ghanaian lady took to social media to seek advice. According to the lady, she used to have a boyfriend who was broke. So, in other to break up with him, she chatted with him with an unknown number to lie to him that she was dead and that she was to be buried.

However, due to COVID, only a few selected members of the family would attend the funeral. And as expected, the guy mourned over her death and moved on.

More so, the lady has still been stalking him. In recent times, she has discovered that the guy is doing quite well financially as he has secured a job.

Now, the lady wants us to advise her on how she can get back her rich boyfriend whom she parted ways with because he was damn broke.

Read her full message below:

Hi auntie Momoza. Please keep me anonymous. So I dated this guy last year but he was always broke. He was loving and had a good heart but the pockets were leaking.

I didn’t know how to dump him, so I faked my own death. I WhatsApp’d him pretending to be my cousin using my phone and told him I was dead. I asked him only 50 people would be allowed to come to my funeral because of government regulations, so only family members.

After that, I blocked him everywhere. I have a fake account that I use to stalk people, so I’ve been monitoring his posts. He was hurt after my death shame. He posted about me for months after my death.

Luckily, we never had any mutual friends. Lately, I noticed things are going well for him. He got a job and seems like he’s earning well. I want to go back to him but don’t know how cause he thinks I’m dead. Please give me ideas. I love my man.

This beautiful lady received some massive beatings from his boyfriend that landed her at the hospital but has come with a very long post on Facebook defending her guy claiming she will still continue to choose him no matter what.

Read her full post below;

“As I sit here and think I’m thankful for the man God has bought into my life. No He isn’t A Perfect Man But He’s a TRYING Man .. No one Is Perfect & Anyone Who Claims To Be Is A Fraud themself.

Anyone who knows me knows how far I’ve come & it has everything to do with the man I’m choosing to be with for the rest of my life. I’m gonna speak once and once only upon our situation I don’t owe anyone an explanation of what happened that night because what has happened was left in the past and will continue to be left in the past, we are transitioning and getting ready for our next step in life, my fiancé has took the right steps to get his family back and when a man acknowledges his wrongs and take the steps to fix what he has done you have no choice but to accept a trying man as he has always been.

Bad things happen to good people all the time but who are we to judge what the next person has done wrong when our hands aren’t clean ourselves. I’ve never been one to Feed into what the world has to say about me, hell I have to live this life and at the end of the day I’m gonna do what makes me happy and the LAST 5 years I’ve been more than happy to share my life with my fiancé and create the family we’ve always wanted and accomplish the dreams we have always had.

This is MY Person, MY Soulmate .. I choose him to go through this thing we call life and I will over and over again with that being said SEPTEMBER 1st, 2022 we still coming for youuuu, save the date because when you love someone you choose them over any and everyone .. & when the whole world is against your significant other it’s your job to hold them up. Baby we got this it’s always been US, never them.”

The pastor of Salvation of Jesus Christ marrying or taking in a second wife is something many people on social media can’t simply wrap their heads around it. What bothers many is the fact the pastor decided to take a second wife making many to question whether he was indeed a man of God. What makes matters really troubling again is the fact that he decided to marry an 18-year-old choir member of his church.

According to reports, the pastor got married to the 18-year-old girl whose name was identified as Sister Blessing Jeremiah Esu in Ikot Akpang Ikpong, Abak Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. The marriage ceremony is believed to have taken place in October and aside from everything, it was indeed a colourful event.

Check out photos from the ceremony;

Insurance is indeed a good thing in case the inevitable happens. Many people take in all sorts of insurances like life insurances, education insurance and auto insurances in case something happens to their cars or the passengers involved, they are covered. Taking auto insurance is something that’s abiding by law in most countries especially for commercial drivers.

But our attention today is to have a look at the world’s most expensive legs. Some celebrities have their legs insured that runs into millions of dollars. We have had several instances of some celebrities insuring some weird places of their bodies and it sometimes comes as a shock to many. Like Kylie Minogue; the Australian singer insuring her b.utt for more than 3 million pounds. She isn’t the only celebrity to have her b.utts insured, our very own Jennifer Lopez for instance has her butt insured for more than 10 million pounds. It makes one wonder why will anyone do that?

America Ferrera for instance has her smile insured for close to 7 million pounds. Yes, you read it right, the American actress has her smile insured against any inevitables in case the worst happens and she can’t smile again.

Miley Cyrus also for instance has her tongue insured a little over a million dollars. Asked why she has her tongue insured instead of her voice since she is a singer, this was what she had to say; “I didn’t know what to do with my face, so I stuck my tongue out, and it became a rebellious, punk rock thing.”

It appears taking insurance isn’t something for only female celebrities. There are male celebrities who have taken in some weird insurance policies as well.

Fernando Alonso who is a Formula One Driver has his thumb insured for a reported fee of 9 million pounds. And one Merv Hughes, a former cricketer has his moustache insured as well for close to $370,000.

Now let shift our attention to the most expensive legs in the world when it comes to insurance.


Betty is the first celebrity in the world to have had her legs insured. The American actress had her 42 films during the 1930s and 1940s grossed more than $100 million; for 10 consecutive years.  While her talent was certainly there, it was her legs that drove people to the box office and made her the highest-paid celebrity between 1943 and 1951.

During World War II, this leggy picture of Grable was the most popular among soldiers, making her the number-one pin-up girl of the era. In 1943, an impression of her leg had been made in the cement in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater and later that year her legs were dubbed a “major Hollywood landmark” by LIFE magazine.

At the end, she had her legs insured for $1 million.

A Brazilian model and influencer who married herself in September 2021 is likely to divorce herself because she seems to have met someone.

Cris Galera, a 33-year-old model, made news a few weeks ago when she legally married herself. She was wearing a wedding gown and posing in front of a Catholic church in Sao Paulo, Brazil, at the time.

She had stated that she was tired of relying on men and that she was loving being alone and wasn’t “disappointed” that she didn’t have a groom.

I reached a point where I matured, I realized that I am a strong and determined woman.

“I was always afraid of being alone, but I realised that I needed to learn to feel good about myself.

“When that happened, I decided to celebrate it.”

Well, it was gathered that she is getting a divorce from herself just 90 days after the wedding because she is starting to fall in love with someone else.

Speaking about the divorce, Cris said: “I was happy while it lasted.”

“But I started to believe in love the moment I met someone else special.”

Ghana has lots of celebrities and many wonders where these popular celebrities come from. And so we today going to have a look at some Ghanaian celebrities and the tribes they find themselves in. I know there are some celebrities you think come from one particular part of the country but you will be amazed to find out where they really come from at the end.

There are several tribes in the country but there are six major ones and that includes;  the Akans, Ewe, Ga-Adangbe, Mole-Dagbani, Guan, Gurma. And so let as usual have a look at some of the tribes some of these popular celebrities come from.

Let begin;

The GA Tribe

The Ga people can be located in the Greater Accra region where our national capital is located. The region has lots of people there since that’s where most of the big companies are located. Many people migrate there all in the quest of making some good earns means but our attention is to have a look at the celebrities that officially originates from the region.

Joselyn Dumas

Joselyn Dumas is Ga and of course, can’t be taken off the list when it comes to some popular celebrities in the country. Joselyn Dumas is a Ghanaian television host and actress. In 2014 she starred in a A Northern Affair, a role that earned her a Ghana Movie Award and an Africa Movie Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku

Another Ghanaian celebrity who has indeed made a name for herself in the movie industry is the name Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku. In case you’re wondering where she comes from, she is also Ga from the Greater Accra Region.

Benedicta Gafah

Gafah was born in Abelemkpe in the Greater Accra of Ghana to Mr. and Mrs. Kwaku Badu. She had her secondary education at the Presbyterian Girls Senior High School in Kumasi and continued to African University Communication College. The actress is now a mother following her recent adoption of a four month-old baby boy during her visit to King Jesus Orphanage Home in Kumasi.

Nikki Samonas

With an estimated net worth of more than $300,000 the beautiful actress is seen as one of the richest actresses in the country. She was born in Tema and had her basic education at the DEKS(Discipline, Excellence, Kindness, Service) International School in Tema and continued to Holy Child High School for her senior high education where she studied visual arts.

She is one of the few Ga celebrities we have in the country and she is really doing great for herself in the commercial scenes as well.

King Promise

Born as Gregory Bortey Newman, even his name gives him away as been in Ga. He has been very influential in the music scene ever since he got the it and he has recently been in the news for tweeting money never changed him ever since he got the shine.

According to King Promise, he can not deny that money hasn’t made some changes in his life but the savour of riches hasn’t changed his lifestyle or behaviour in any way.

He tweeted;

“Money made some changes but money didn’t change me.”

Shatta Wale

The self-acclaimed dancehall king of Ghana is also Ga. His full name is Charles Nii Armah and that certainly proves the fact that he is a full Ga from the Greater Accra Region.

His bio reads;

Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr. was born in Accra, Ghana at the Police Hospital on October 17, 1984. The son of a couple from Accra and the Volta Region of Ghana. His father, Charles Nii Armah Mensah Sr. a politician, Businessman and a legal practitioner.

Shatta Wale attended Seven Great Princes Academy at Dansoman , a suburb in Accra. Where he demonstrated an affinity for arts and acted in a popular Akan Drama series (By The Fireside) at the National Theatre of Ghana.

Growing up, he lived with his family in Laterbiokorshie, Dansoman and then later Korle Gonno during his formative years. In a Facebook live video, Wale stated that he did not enjoy motherly love and care at the early stages of his life because a pastor caused a separation between his parents which made him remain under his father’s care and later ending up on the streets.

His mother is Elsie Evelyn Avemegah. As a child, his father introduced him to the Jamaican culture by playing Reggae records in the house and also continuously traveling with him to the UK to meet his relatives who were half Jamaicans.

These exposures made him develop love for music at a tender age. His intense passion to do music made him lose interest in schooling but his father forced him to complete his high school education later in the Volta Region of Ghana which had initially kicked off at the Winneba Secondary School in the Central Region of Ghana.

Even in school and right after school he pursued his musical dream but his father did not agree and wanted him to become a lawyer, this led to a misunderstanding between the two eventually tearing down their beautiful relationship. Shatta Wale lived in almost all the ghettos ( Nima ) in Accra just to survive. “There were many times I slept without food. I have been through all the hustle in life, I mean hell. I have lived with the people and became one of their own. No wonder my music easily resonates with the people. I am thankful to God for making me see the day light.”

The list, of course, wouldn’t be complete without mentioning notable names like Tinny and Gasmila who are all Gas.

The Asanti tribe

Jackie Appiah

Even though Jackie Appiah was born in Canada, she was born to Ghanaian parents and both of them hail from the Ashanti Region making Jackie Appiah one of the few celebrities in the country that comes from the Ashanti Region.

Juliet Ibrahim

The beautiful actress even though bears the name Ibrahim that will make many to mistaken her as a Muslim or someone from the Northern Region but she is from the Ashanti Region instead, making her an Asante ni.

Nana Ama Mcbrown

The fine presenter and actress is also from the Ashanti Region. She looks far younger than her age and she is one of the few celebrities in the country that is love by many.


Many think he is from the Greater Accra Region since he seems to have lived all his life in Accra but the reality is that he is an Asante man from the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Northern Part of Ghana


Just like Sarkodie, many thought they are from the Greater Accra Region as well since they have been in Tema almost all their lives but they are Dagombas from the Northern part of Ghana.


Wiyaala is from the Sissala tribe. She has really projected her music beyond the borders of Ghana and has been loved by many. She is one of the richest musicians in the country and that will be a subject for discussion for some other time.

Fancy Gadam

Another great performer from the Northern Region part of Ghana is Fancy Gadam. He is a reggae artist from Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana. He had his basic school education at the Police Barracks school Tamale in 2004. His Music career started off at the age of 12, where he performed at public events and schools.

Western Region

Kofi Kinaata

His command over the Fanti language is indeed unparalleled. The Fanti rap god is a Fanti based in the Western Region of Ghana.

Pappy Kojo

Pappy Kojok is also a Fanti from Takoradi.

When we get to the Anlo tribe, there is Edem.