Today, more than any other time in history, people want to know how to get the most out of their life. Ways to Check The Best Health Insurance. We want to know how to live a healthier life, how to reduce our medical expenses and how to improve our own personal finance so that we can spend more time on the things that really matter.

This article is going to focus specifically on health insurance. But the same principles apply no matter what type of health insurance you have: Life, Medicare or Medicaid. Each one of these health insurance options has its unique pros and cons, but the bottom line is that they all help protect you and your family from the costs associated with medical conditions.

If you’re reading this because you’re looking into getting some new health insurance, then you’re in good company: According To A 2018 Study , More than a third of Americans have considered getting a policy just to be able to monitor their own health.

It’s no wonder why! When it comes to protecting your family from medical costs, there are few things that can rival the peace of mind that comes from knowing that if something goes wrong, everyone in your family will be covered for free.

Get to Know Your Health Insurance Options

Before you sign up for any type of health insurance, you want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into. Here are some important questions to get you started: – What is the coverage type? – What is the deductible? – What are the out-of-pocket maximums? – What are the annual premiums? – Where do the premiums paid and the coverage obtained match up? – What is the co-pay? – What is the coverage gap? – How much does the coverage feel? – How much does the coverage actually cost?

Life Insurance

Living on your own is scary enough without having to worry about running out of money. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to protect your savings if something were to happen. One of the most popular forms of life insurance is called personal injury protection. This type of policy pays you if someone is injured in a car accident, workplace incident or other types of accident. It’s important to note that most coverage under this type of policy is rider coverage, meaning you have to put up certain amount to cover the costs of the rider. This coverage is often tied to the automobile, so if you have another type of vehicle, you’ll need to get special life insurance that applies to it.

Long-Term Care Insurance

If you have any problems with walking or taking care of yourself as you age, long-term care insurance is a great way to protect your savings. Most long-term care policies will pay you monthly so you don’t have to worry about what to do every month. The coverage is usually rider coverage, so you have to pay a portion of the premiums to cover the costs of the rider.

PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)

If you have a medical condition that requires medical care, you may be interested in the PPO (preferred provider organization) model of health insurance. This type of plan lets you choose who to go to if you have a medical issue. It’s ideal for people who don’t want to shop around for the best deal on health insurance because they have a specific condition that needs to be treated.

The Bottom Line

Many people aren’t aware that there are multiple types of health insurance available to them. Don’t worry if you aren’t entirely sure what type of coverage you want. Simply ask your doctor or nurse about the available options and make sure you are aware of your individual health risks. Choosing the right health insurance for you is critical to protecting your finances and your health.

The Kundum Festival of the good people of Esiama is set to commence this week; October 16. With the programme outline out; one expects several activities to go on.

The week-long event will be climaxed with a Thanksgiving Service on Oct. 23. The Chief of Esiama has made sure the event will be broadcast all over the country with media partners like Adom and co. making sure the event will be telecasted live.

After 90 minutes of football, a player is selected as man of the match and today we are going to have a look at players with the most man of the match awards since 2009.

20. Paul Pogba – 57 (14% of games)

19. Arjen Robben – 57 (20% of games)

18. Kylian Mbappe – 57 (22% of games)

17. Nabil Fekir – 58 (20% of games)

16. Gonzalo Higuain – 60 (12% of games)

15. Alexis Sanchez – 64 (14% of games)

14. Memphis Depay – 66 (18% of games)

13. Dimitri Payet – 67 (14% of games)

12. Karim Benzema – 70 (12% of games)

11. Antoine Griezmann – 70 (13% of games)

10. Luis Suarez – 72 (16% of games)

9. Gareth Bale – 73 (17% of games)

8. Kevin De Bruyne – 76 (18% of games)

7. Harry Kane – 79 (21% of games)

6. Robert Lewandowski – 86 (17% of games)

5. Neymar – 87 (28% of games)

4. Eden Hazard – 100 (19% of games)

3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 116 (26% of games)

2. Cristiano Ronaldo – 175 (30% of games)

1. Lionel Messi – 306 (52% of games)

What is trending on social media has to do with this Ghanaian mining engineer who decided to marry two women on the same day at the same event.

Check out some of the popular comments gathered under the pictures;

Maame Adwoa Trisha – Hard guy !!marrying two wives in this hard economy..ahaaa well..congrats

Sahada Amidu – This is very good, at least they both know about it and agreed What a transparent man. Allah bless your marriage.

Martin Darlington Oppong – I am a Muslim from today This is lovelyThe more the merrier

Abena Amponsah Asare – So how will he enjoy his honeymoon because on your honeymoon something must go on or threesome go come inside. Just joking

Narkie Tetteh – My own problem is where would he sleep tonight abi honeymoon starts tonight

It appears Kizz Daniel needs to wake up at long last for failing to show up for a show in Tanzania. With him in the trends, it is believed the Buga hitmaker failed to show up for a show for which the organizers have paid him in full for him to perform.

A video circulating online shows the moment the musician was been escorted by the police into their van. He looked a bit calm and seem not to have resisted arrest since he wasn’t in handcuffs.

As to what might have informed his decision not to perform, some believe the venue wasn’t befitting of his stature since the environment wasn’t that conducive.

This is a story just unfolding, let’s see how things will go with time. He is most likely to come out to explain things to his fans. Since there is nothing like bad publicity, this incident is most likely to push his views on Youtube since the Buga hit has more than 40,000,000 views on Youtube already.

Let’s see how things will pan out with time. We hope he gets things sorted out.

The woes of Cristiano Ronaldo continues to drag on as he still seeks a move away from Manchester United. The 5 times Ballon D’or star according to report is willing to forgo 30% of his salary and that is an amount that transcends to a little over 150,000 pounds of his weekly wage.

Reports have claimed he’s been offered to Chelsea and Bayern Munich, who have both snubbed the chance, while Ronaldo isn’t willing to take advantage of a very lucrative offer from Saudi Arabia.

He’s also been offered to Atletico Madrid, but despite reports of manager Diego Simeone being seduced by the idea of adding Ronaldo to his ranks, CBS Sports reporter Ben Jacobs now claims the La Liga side see the signing of Ronaldo as ‘problematic’ and they are ‘simply not in a financial position to move’.

There are also reports that Real Madrid aren’t interested in him as well. One unnamed Saudi Arabian club is said to have offered him a whooping 2 million pounds per week contract but obviously the offer has been rejected by Ronaldo and his agent. Champions league football is his target.

Let hope and see how things will evolve with time as there are still plenty of days on the transfer window.

The legendary musician AB Crentsil have been confirmed at an age of 79 years. The famous musician was today reported dead.

Who was A.B crentsil?

He was born in 1943, and his real name is Alfred Benjamin Crentsil. He is regarded as one of the “big three” modern vocalists from Ghana.

Alfred Benjamin “A. B.” Crentsil was a Ghanaian musician. He is one of the “big three” of contemporary Ghanaian vocalists.

Crentsil won numerous Ghanaian music awards, including the Fontomfrom Evergreen Award, a special honour bestowed upon a musician with 15–20 years of continuous music experience.

He is noted for his famous Atia and Juliana songs that took the country by storm. Ghana has indeed lost a great gem. His song; Moses is one song that is seen as the most controversial songs in Ghana.

PSG is in the news once more. This time around it isn’t about the team making any big name signing but instead the sacking of Pochettino is what is making the headlines. It appears being the head coach of PSG is one of the riskiest jobs in the world since one can get sacked in any moment.

Thomas Tuchel whom Pochettino replaced for instance took the team to the finals of the Champions League for the first time in the club’s history but still got sacked when he bottled it up.

I wondered what went in the appointment of Pochettino. This was a manager prior to his appointment hadn’t won any trophy in his life as a manager but all of sudden was expected to win the Champions League.

Now Christophe Galtier is charge and is expected to manage the egos of the likes of Neymar, Messi and Mbappe whose contract somehow makes him more powerful than the coach himself.

A lot is indeed expected from his end. He has indeed done well so far as he took a team like Lille with limited budget to win the Ligue 1. According to him, he expects the likes of Neymar to stay.

Death is indeed something that is inevitable. If there is one thing which is guaranteed in this world irrespective of one’s stature in life and it certainly has to do with death.

We are therefore going to have a look some celebrities who lost their lives in the just past month; June. The month of June ended yesterday and here comes the 7th month for the year 2022. What is yet to come, one doesn’t know but we can speak of the past.

And so who are some of the celebrities who lost their lives in June? Let us first of all wish the dead rest in peace.

Dame Deborah James – June 28

The British presenter and activist Dame Deborah James died at the age of 40 due to colon cancer that was diagnosed in 2016. In recent years she dedicated herself to raising money and narrating the fight against this disease on the podcast ‘You, Me and the Big C’ on BBC Radio 5. Two weeks before she passed away, James made an appearance at Royal Ascot.

Many of these top players are waiting for the right gig. Others, like Paulo Dybala and Jesse Lingard, perhaps aren’t getting the offers they expected.

GK: Thomas Strakosha

With Sam Johnstone having a job lined up at Crystal Palace, Strakosha takes the gloves after his final day as a Lazio player. The 27-year-old Albania international has been heavily linked with Fulham but reports suggested he was asking too much of the Cottagers (like survival?). There has been talk of a move to Chelsea – with Kepa going to Lazio on loan, which would be very convenient – but the prospect of Strakosha being content to sit on the bench seems remote.

RB: Serge Aurier

The Ivorian defender is also one of the top players without a clud as of today; July 1 following the expiry of his contract. The former PSG and Tottenham star will be looking forward for offers before the closing of the transfer window as his services will be very much needed by most clubs due the experience he has garnered playing for some of the top teams in Europe.

CB: Andreas Christensen

The only club he is very well known to have played in his entire career is Chelsea but unfortunately that bromance must come to an end as contract extension talks didn’t go according to plan.

With Rudiger going for free, many would have thought he would have been the best alternative for the club but it appears his final destination is most likely to be Spain with Barcelona knocking on his door.

CB: Alessio Romagnoli

James Tarkowski seems to be undergoing a three-week-long medical at Everton, but it’s likely the Toffees are just waiting for July 1 to sign the Italian. The former captain of AC Milan who just lifted the Italian Serie A seem to have a long way to prove his worth when he finds himself in England. We await and see how things will pun out.

LB: Marcelo

If the right-back pool is shallow, it’s no deeper on the left. So Marcelo gets the gig after leaving the Bernabeu as Real Madrid’s most-decorated player ever, which is quite the title. There’s been little indication of where he might go next following his farewell ceremony but there was some talk of Ronaldo (the Brazilian one) taking his compatriots Marcelo and Dani Alves to Real Valladolid.

CM: Christian Eriksen

The Denmark midfielder defied death so a brief stretch of unemployment won’t bother him. Especially since there’s an offer there from Manchester United if he fancies it, or the opportunity to avoid the rigmarole of relocating north by staying at Brentford for a while longer.

CM: Paul Pogba

Even if Pogba’s party and Juventus are dragging out their reunion for longer than anyone can stomach, it still allows the midfielder a brief spell of not being answerable to anyone. The world cup winner will appear to be on a basic salary of 150,000 pounds per week if he should finalize his Juventus reunion which is something that is far below what he took at Manchester United. Let see what happens at the end.

RW: Ousmane Dembele

There is no doubt the finances of Barcelona now makes it difficult for the club to buy or hold on to players the team want. Just like Messi, Ousmane Dembele has run down his contract is set to be living on the free.

In as much as many clubs will prefer to make a bargain on him because of his injury situations, there is no doubt any club who buys will be going for some quality.

LW: Jesse Lingard

Lingard has had a lovely summer so far, seeing the USA and taking the J-Lingz brand to Tik-tok, and he seems in no hurry to bring his summer holiday to an end by getting a job, least not as a footballer, which we assume he still calls himself.

Apparently, his demands for a £150,000-a-week salary and a hefty signing-on fee were too much for even Newcastle to stomach, but West Ham are biding their time in the expectation that Lingard might drop his expectations when he realises there aren’t many offers on the table.

CF: Paulo Dybala

This isn’t how it was supposed to go for Dybala. No doubt his agent expected a flood of offers once it became clear he was leaving Juventus, with some teams in the Premier League almost certainly expected to drop to their knees for the Argentina star. But none have – yet. And the only real offer that was on the table, from Inter Milan, appears to be on hold after they borrowed Romelu Lukaku back from Chelsea.

CF: Andrea Belotti

The prospect of peak-years Belotti becoming a free agent would have had Premier League clubs scrambling. But the Italy striker’s options are rather more limited after he failed to maintain the stunning form that caught the eye of every major force in Europe. Now, it seems West Ham might be tempted, as well as Monaco, Roma and possibly Milan.