Hakimi’s wife; Aiba Abouk seems to have been left in a devastating state after realizing his husband who is a star at PSG has nothing to his name even though the footballer earns more than a million euros at PSG.

Hakimi reportedly registered all his assets and properties under his mother; Sadia Mouth’s name. Legally, the Moroccan is basically worth nothing.

A report stated: “Achraf Hakimi’s wife had taken the court for a divorce case and wanted them to separate the assets and divide them in court. When the divorce took place and they agreed to share the assets, they realized Achraf Hakimi had no assets and neither did the bank. Achraf Hakimi had put all his fortune in his mother’s name a long time ago.”

The footballer is reportedly worth around $60 million making him one of the richest footballers in the world. He has recently been in the news for r.ape charges and that is something he has denied with the support of his mother.

But it appears his wife seems to have a different opinion. She has taken the side of the victim when she released this statement; “The reality is that a while ago, after a lot of reflection, the father of my children and I made the decision to end our relationship, long before the recent media events that have involved me, which are totally external. One must trust the legal process, especially considering the gravity of the accusation. Nonetheless, in my life, I always have been, and always will be, on the side of victims”.

A diminutive teacher from the Bali Nyonga province in Cameroun has finally tied the knot with his fiancee. The 39-year-old teacher who is known as Kwoyela Derrick recently made the headlines when he broke the news of his engagement to Kahboh Patience.

The wedding has finally taken place and as usual, his wedding photos are making round the internet with congratulations all over. The wedding is said to have taken place last Saturday at Bamenda in the North West region of Cameroun.

As to what he finds very attractive about his wife and this is what he had to say;

“Her character attracted me. She is perfect because she gives me maximum respect and she is God-fearing too,”.

There is, of course, no doubt respect is what every man seeks from his woman and DK as he is popularly called is of no exception.

A lady had the shock of her life when she went to visit her newfound boyfriend in a different city only to find out an envelope handed over to her as transport contains only 100 naira which is equivalent to just 70 pesewas. The reason that warranted such action from the guy according to the report states he did that because the lady didn’t allow him to touch her when she visited.

The shocking part of what happened is that he put 30 naira which is equivalent to just 70 pesewas inside an envelope and handed it to the girl before bidding her goodbye but she did not know how much was inside.

When she checked and saw two N20 notes and a single N10 note, she tried calling him but the young had switched hed off his phone

According to the friend who shared the story, the agreement was for her to pay while coming to his place and he will handle the fare when she is going back, but due to her refusal to succumb to his request for intimacy, he decided to give her a ridiculous sum.

Christina wrote; “My friend traveled to visit this guy and when it was night he tried to touch her but she refused. This morning he drove her to the park, handed her an envelope and zoomed off.

Only for her to open the envelope and saw 30 naira, a 20 naira and 10 naira note. Immediately, she picked up her phone and tried call him but this guy had blocked her everywhere.

She paid while she was going and they agreed he would be the one to pay for her tfare back home.”

After babysitting his current wife, this Nigerian man has finally tied the knot with his current wife.

This Nigerian lady broke the internet after revealing how she met her husband when she was still a toddler.

A video she shared via her account on TikTok, @iamtiwabae, showed an old picture of them from years ago.

In the photo, the man carried the lady, who was just a toddler. In a twisted turn of fate, they got married 24 years later.

The video revealed their lavish wedding ceremonies, including photos of them in different attires.

Social media reactions

Here are some of the comments from social media users:

@Gold commented:

“Who else hs had to fast forward the video?”

@aaaaSMum said:

“So now you are carrying your wife, it can only truly be God.”

@Hills Judi wrote:

“Typical example of “daddy will you pamper me.”

@adaobionyebuchi said:

“From babysitting to husband of the baby.”

@Lucky peace wrote:

“Abeg tag me for the story cos i do not understand how this thing is going o.”

@Akwe Favour commented:


@Christabel Ann wrote:

“I’m confused.”

@Augustine precious said:

“This thing is not clear, please explain in simple terms.”

@mimi commented:

“Wait I do not understand oo.”

@Mideylove commented:

“Okay… I understand…”

@Neme_xoxo wrote:

“I don’t understand.”

@Juliet Sylvester commented:

“Where is that guy who baby sat me when I was young?”

@symplytianalee wrote:

“I ran to the comment section kos I don’t understand I was thinking father and daughter transformation but congratulations on your union.”

@user9722438165070 commented:

“I thought you were her dad.”

@Ayoyinka commented:

“Na all those area brothers, the babe grew so fast and bro said I am not losing her.”

According to an online report, a lady whose name is Anita Ofili has reportedly killed Glory Okon, her best friend. Anita, who has since been arrested, stated without any regret that she delayed 10 years before taking her revenge.

She allegedly acknowledged stabbing her in her apartment in the Ajah neighbourhood of Lagos state’s Greenville Estate because she had taken her lover about ten years earlier.

They broke up after the incident, and they just recently reconnected two weeks later. On Sunday at 1:20 pm, Ofili’s self-contained apartment let out a call for help that woke up the neighbourhood.

Forcefully forcing the door open, they discovered Ofili slitting Okon’s neck with a kitchen knife. According to one of the building’s co-tenants, the scream was heard by the landlord’s daughter.

The eyewitness added; “She peeped through the window and saw a masked person stabbing a lady. She rushed and called her father, who alerted other tenants that forced the door open, only to discover that the masked person was Anita Ofili.

The whole room was filled with blood. We discovered that the victim was still breathing. We had to tie Ofili’s legs and hands to prevent her from escaping. Before the arrival of the Police, Ofili did not show any sign of remorse. She said she would explain to the Police what happened. She claimed the lady in question was her friend and that her action was in revenge for what her friend did to her.”

After her arrest, Ofili explained why she killed her friend with whom she attended the same university and had been close for two decades.

She said: “Glory and I had been good friends for years, but she betrayed that friendship by snatching my boyfriend. I had the intention of marrying him. Her action strained the relationship and we went our separate ways for 10 years. We only reconciled two weeks ago. I invited her to my house and the rest you know.”

Talk of the largest stadiums in the world and one would have thought he or she can find it in those big footballing nations but it’s quite the opposite. The largest stadium in the world can be found in India and there is no doubt the country’s love for their favorite sport, cricket pushed them in building such a magnificent edifice.

And so we are today going to have a look at the 8 largest stadiums in the world and some interesting countries make the list.

1- Narendra Modi Stadium (India), capacity: 132,000 people

With a sitting capacity of more than 130,000 people, Narendra Modi Stadium is seen as the largest stadium in the world.

2- Rungrado Primero de Mayo Stadium (North Korea), capacity: 114,000 people

North Korea is one country that mostly finds itself in the news for all the wrong reasons but when it comes to a country having the largest stadium for football, it comes on top. The beautiful Mayo Stadium is believed to have a sitting capacity of 114,000 making it the largest football stadium in the world and the second largest in the world for sports.

3- Melbourne Cricket Ground (Australia), capacity: 100,024 people

The Australian Melbourne Cricket Grounds makes te list, as well as it, comes in fourth when it comes to the largest stadiums in the world. It has a sitting capacity of a little over 100,000.

4- Camp Nou (Spain), capacity: 99,354 people

The home ground of Spanish giants; Barcelona FC is also on the list when it comes to the largest stadiums in the world. With a sitting capacity of 99,354, the Camp Nou is seen as the largest stadium in Spain and Europe in general.

5- Estadio Soccer City (South Africa), capacity: 94,736 people

With the hosting of the 2010 World Cup drawing neigh, South Africa sought the need to expand the then FBN stadium to a befitting World Cup structure and then renamed it the Soccer City. It now stands as the largest stadium in Africa and comes in fifth as the largest stadium in the world.

6- Rose Bowl (USA), capacity: 92,800 people

7- Wembley (UK), capacity: 90,000 people

The home ground of Three Lions of England has a sitting capacity of 90,000 making it one of the largest stadiums in the world.

8- Lusail Stadium (Qatar), capacity: 88,966 people

The Lusail Stadium based in Qatar saw some World Cup action not long ago and it is also considered one of the largest stadiums in the world.

One invited to a wedding ceremony ended up at the hospital after finding out the groom of the day was her boyfriend.

A Twitter user named @keturah adamu reported the incident and claimed that the lady’s boyfriend had informed her that he was going home to visit his sick mother.

Because of the poor quality of the cellular network in his village, he had warned her that he might not call her as frequently while he was there.

When she went to a wedding on Saturday that a mutual friend had invited her to, she learned that the groom was her boyfriend, who she had assumed was staying in the village with his ill mother.

She reportedly ended up in a hospital, it was learned.

@keturah_adamu wrote:

“My Friend’s Boyfriend called her this morning,To tell her, he would be going to the village to see his sick Mom.And the cellular network is poor, so he might not be able to speak to her for some days.Today being Saturday na, we attended a wedding and na her boyfriend be the groom.We dey Hospital like this….
Men sef, don dey pay back.”

With more than 4 million followers on Tiktok, Ahoufe is the most followed tiktoker in Ghana but as they say; life is too short.

Ahoufe sadly has been confirmed dead today after battling some short illness. It is believed he died at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital according to Asakaa.

He was more or less seen as the 2pac of Ghana and that gain him popularity. With various tributes pouring in, we say Rest in Peace Ahoufe.

One beautiful Nigerian lady has found herself on the long list of broken-hearted individuals in the world but it appears her case is quite different. She got dumped by her boyfriend for not flushing the toilet after using it.

According to the lady, she has never had luck dating people she personally knows hence she decided to try the option of online dating.

She downloaded an online dating app, Tinder, uploaded her profile and was matched with a guy in Abuja.

After chatting with him for some months and falling in love in the process, he pressured her to visit him.

The date was going well until she got pressed and decided to use the restroom. She inquired about his facilities, and he pointed to the restroom.

Unfortunately, she forgot to flush the toilet after she was done and eventually went home.

At home, she wondered why the guy did not call her again. The next morning, after using her toilet at home and flushing, she remembered the incident at the guy’s house and understood why he decided to block her on all the various social media platforms.

Award-winning actress and rich aunty Jackie Appiah have been accused of allegedly stuffing her dress with hip pads as she met up with the Second Gentleman of the United States Douglass Emhoff.

Douglass Emhoff is currently in Ghana with his wife Vice President Kamala Harries for an official visit to the country.

Jackie Appiah together with her colleagues Majid Michel, Adjertey Annan and others could be seen walking behind Douglass Emhoff during his visit but one thing caught the eyes of netizens.

From the video, one could see that the backside of rich actress Jackie Appiah seems to have become very huge and this got people asking what could have happened for this change.

According to some people, Jackie has worn a hip pad just to impress and get the attention of the second gentleman.

Check out some comments below:

Dianawonder_Boateng: “Herhhhh mummy your eyes eiii. Thought me nkoaa na meni hu ade3??”

Tetteh.leticia.92: “Eeei daben na she buy the assets ???”

Mimi_deep_22“Miracle no Dey tire Jesus when it comes to our female celebs nyash ??”

Misspearl_247: “It might be this foam underwear who knows ????? my thoughts tho ????”

She_isnaana: “Miracle working God???”

Jaideelammy: “3tua h) potii s3 anwea nkwanta bofrot”

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