17 people have been confirmed dead following a huge explosion at Bogoso-Appiate in the Western Region.

This was confirmed in a statement issued by the Ministry of Information.

The statement also indicated that some 59 injured persons were rescued, bringing to 76 the number of persons known to have been affected so far.

“As at 17:00 hours, a total of seventeen (17) people have, sadly, been confirmed dead, and 59 injured persons had been rescued, bringing to 76 the number of persons known, so far, to have been affected by the tragedy.”

The statement also noted that out of the 59 injured persons, 42 are receiving treatment and some are in critical condition.

The Information Ministry further outlined some measures taken so far by the government to handle the situation.

“Most of the victims have been rescued and are on admission at various hospitals and clinics within the Bogoso Municipality. Upon the instructions of the President of the Republic, a National Emergency Response Mechanism was activated immediately. Personnel from the Police Service, Fire Service, National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), Ghana Health Service, National Ambulance Service, the Municipal Authority, and residents have all been involved in providing support.”

“Additional personnel and resources have been dispatched to the community to support the response effort. An alternative route has been created to facilitate the movement of stranded vehicles plying that route. All hospitals within the vicinity are being used to treat injured persons, and an evacuation plan has been activated to move those in critical condition to medical facilities in Accra, so they can get the needed assistance,” the statement added.

A hilarious video has popped up online where a woman claiming to be the mother of a teenager decided to take her to school because young boys were “chopping” her too much.

According to the alleged mother who spoke in the local Akan dialect, a lot of men had slept with her daughter and she was tired of it. Hence the reason she decided to take her to school.

She went ahead to advise the daughter to learn hard and stay away from men as they won’t make her life fruitful.

Watch the funny video below;

A beautiful lady on Twitter with the handle @deshola55 has taken to the social media platform to lament about her ordeal with a guy she went on date with.

After the guy has inquired about how much it will cost for her to get back home, it was revealed it will cost 200 naira which roughly translates to 3 cedis and so the guy gave her exactly 3 cedis as her t-fare but it appears the lady who wasn’t happy about it blatantly refused.

In her words; ”I think the most embarrassing moment of my life was when a guy I went on a date with offered me the exact amount that will take me back home…,of course I rejected it For those wondering, the tfare was 200….and he legit gave me two hundred naira, like never again sir”

Photos making rounds on social media show the moment a 10-year-old girl happily flaunting her baby bump with his 12-year-old boyfriend solidly standing behind her.

The photo has indeed received some wild backlash from netizens questioning why these kids decided to indulge in something meant for adults.

Questioning how they were brought up but some of them are of the few the kids or the parents of the kids need to be recommended for not going for abortion as that is something most parents would have opted for.

Check out the photo below;

What do you make of this? Your thoughts and views are very well welcomed through the comment section below.

Health is something that is really paramount but it appears the search for wealth has left many with deteriorating health conditions, therefore, making all them to spend all the money they have now for good health. There is this prayer people say and I’m very impressed about it, it’s like Oh Lord, please when our wealth start flowing, please don’t let our health start to fail.

The world for instance is on a health alert with the COVID1-9 virus raking in havoc. Countries are still reporting high figures for the new variant with various forms of restrictions been set in place. Whiles others are going in for lockdowns, other countries too have different opinions with respect to how to curb the various. We thank God for vaccinnes and I believe with time, that virus thing will be a thing of the past.

Our attention today is to have a look at a part of our body; particularly our finger nails and the signs they show us. The nails have a lot to say with respect to ones’s health and so if you have this mark on any of your nails, I believe it’s time to see the doctor because it appears there is something serious affecting your system.

And so what are these marks? That is what this post is all about and so kindly relax and carefully examine your nails to see if you have any these marks;

-Your Nails Are Brittle

It is really understandable for your nails to break with time especially for most ladies who mostly keep longer nails for cosmetic purposes but if your find yourself in a situation where your nails easily break easily, then there is a problem

The problem here is that you’re really lacking something in your human system and what is lacking is Calcium. This must tell you with time, you’re really going to have issues with your bones. We all know calcium is related to strong bones. You therefore need to increase your calcium intake to avoid body pains with time.

A brittle nail indicates the lack of calcium in your system.

-Your Nail Beds Seem Pale

What does a pale nail tell you? If your nail looks really pale then it appears it’s about you need to have your hemoglobin level checked. A pale nail carries a simple message and all that it has to tell you is the fact that you have hemoglobin deficiency, known as anemia in medical terms.

That is indeed the simple message a pale nail carries and I believe you will take it really seriously and take in some fruits and vegetables to curb that deficiency.

– Your Nail Beds Turn Blue

Having a blue nail is something many might consider fun and nice but it is really dangerous and needs to be treated with urgency. Having a blue nail signifies you have low oxygen in your system. Low oxygen can be due to various underlying heart or lung conditions. It can also be due to local constriction of the blood vessels.

I believe you see how dangerous having a blue nail is. I believe this is something one needs to visit the doctor for proper medical attention.

– Your Nails have White Spots

Having white spots on your according to research indicates you lack protein in your system. This protein is called albumin, and it is necessary to maintain your blood pressure.

– Your Nails are Clubbed

When the nails are curved downwards, it is called nail clubbing. This happens in conditions where your body does not get enough oxygen. Various lung and heart diseases can lead to clubbing.

The Fathala Wild Reserve is one wildlife reserve that can be found in Senegal but there is something unique about the place. Aside from having some of the finest accommodations one could think of when it comes to holidays, to be able to do everything with the lions, one needs to hold a particular staff in hand and it is believed with that staff in hand, the lions will do one no harm.

Now, these are the photos that have somehow caused controversies on the internet with varying opinions;

With the African Cup of Nations just a few days away, all attention will be on the impending tournament. Prior to the commencement of the tournament, there have been several issues with most European clubs reluctant to release their best players for the tournament.

Some even had issues with Klopp; the Liverpool coach for somehow referring to the tournament as a small tournament. That didn’t go down well with many people. The coach tried to clarify issues but yet still many weren’t happy with most people demanding an apology from his end since there was no way he was ever going to refer to the European Cup as a small tournament.

And with COVID 19 threatening the world, many were of the opinion the tournament needs to be postponed because we are all know how fast the disease spreads but with Motsepe steering the affairs as CAF president, we are made to understand the tournament will go on as planned.

The tournament is set to begin on January 9 with Cameroun the host nation locking horns with Burkina Faso. But our attention today is to have a look at some of the players to watch during the tournament.

Mohammed Salah

There is no doubt that all attention will be on the Liverpool star. He is arguably the best African player with some interesting goal records favouring him.

He is currently the top scorer in the English Premier League and a guy all cameras will be on during the AFCON as the world would like to know whether he can replicate the fine form he has at Liverpool on the field at Cameroun for his country Egypt.

Sadio Mane

Another name that the world can’t take off the list when it comes to players to watch during the AFCON is that of Sadio Mane. The Liverpool star is expected to deliver for his country; Senegal. He is the main talisman when it comes to playmaking for his country and it appears much will be expected from his end during the tournament.


There is no doubt the Chelsea goalkeeper is the one going to be in the post for Senegal if he is fit. The Champions League winning goalkeeper is indeed expected to deliver during the AFCON. With him in the post, Senegal is seen as one of the countries that is in a pole position to win the tournament.

Riyad Mahrez

The Man. City winger will be representing Algeria during this tournament and of course, much will be expected of him. He is indeed required to translate his fine form at City into this tournament. The winger is enjoying some massive playtime under Pep this season and seems to have his goalscoring boot on as well.

Kudus Mohammed

Another player we will keep an eye on is Ajax’s midfielder, Kudus Mohammed. Even though he is not fully fit, the coach of Ghana believes he is going to help the team at some point in the tournament.

Beyatt Lekweiry

At just 16 years of age, the Mauritanian is the youngest player at this AFCON and there is no doubt many will be keeping a keen eye on him.

Have you ever thought of how much the most expensive house in the world cost and where it can be found? That is how the mission for today. We are today going to have a look at the 10 most expensive houses in the world and the ridiculous prices these houses come with and what makes them really unique.

Before we proceed, let me give you a gist. The most expensive house in the world can be found in India. Yes, you read it right. The most expensive house can be found in no other country other than India. It is really unique and we will delve into it as the post continues.

Ano so let move back to business as usual as we have a look at the 10 most expensive houses in the world;

9. 18-19 Kensington Gardens – $128 Million

First on the list when it comes to a look at the 10 most expensive houses in the world is the 18-19 Keningston Gardens. This is a house valued at $128 million making it the tenth most expensive house in the world.

This is a house that was designed by Philip Hardwick for Sutherland Hall Sutherland, and the first tenant was the civil engineer James Meadows Rendel. He occupied the building in the year 1852. This shows how old the building is.

Some might be wondering what makes this house really unique and you will be amazed this is a house that has 12 bedrooms, Turkish baths, an indoor pool and a parking space for 20 cars.

I know you might be insisting that it’s still too expensive a house. Kindly check out the previous owners and draw your own conclusion.

Previous owners of this most expensive house in the world include the de Rothschild family (early 1900s); The Free Poles (1939–45); David Khalili, art dealer(1995–2001); and Bernie Ecclestone, Formula 1 chief (2001–2004).

The Rothschild Family found themselves and this shows how unique the house is. This is one family that has been regarded as the richest family ever the world has ever seen.

Now the house is being owned by Indian billionaire Lakshmi Mittal but houses the princess of Jordan; Haya.

Since we haven’t found ourselves in the house before, the best we can get is to have a look at these pictures to have a feel of the inside;

The internet woke up to the surprising union between these trios which is set to happen on the same day. The union between this Nigerian man and these two beautiful ladies got the internet talking with many people expressing varying opinions with some opining the ladies are twins due to the great resemblances between the ladies.

Internet users express surprise at the intended union Hamza Abdullahi Galadima

Fuka said: “I pray is not for show up..if it is really the capacity…Allah ya sanyaa albarka…”

Mansur Adeola stated: “They’re twins, is it right for a man to marry two sisters?”

Musa Bin Ibrahim Newland wrote: “What ummu Ahmad always tells me to do; marrying two wives at a time. “Sannu OGA.”

Usumanu Kakanda opined: “We dey pray for one this guy they take two at a time.”

Have a look at the wedding invitation;