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Ashaiman: The truth behind the Killing of the Military Guy; it appears he died Because of Love

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A new report concerning the death of the 22-year-old soldier with the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) band from Sunyani who was tragically murdered in Ashaiman last Saturday alleges that he went to visit his girlfriend and lost his life in her room.

According to an insider, the late Sherif Moro was allegedly killed by his girlfriend’s other lover.

The bearer of the news who can be identified on Facebook as Fidelis Yusif Bogobiri explained that the soldier’s girlfriend’s other lover was given a tip-off by some community members that his fiance was cheating on him.

Since he was additionally told that Sherif normally comes to sleep at his woman’s place, he ambushed him at dawn with some friends and stabbed him from behind his neck leaving him to die in a pool of blood.

Contrary to the trading claims that the soldier was robbed and killed by armed robbers, Fidelis insists otherwise as she maintains the soldier was gruesomely murdered by his girlfriend’s other partner who is currently on the run together with the other assailants.


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