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Ashaiman Invasion: Over 72 people arrested by soldiers – Ashaiman MP provides new update

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According to a fresh update published by Graphic Online supplied by the Member of Parliament for Ashaiman, more than 72 people have been nabbed by the military after a mob reportedly killed a soldier over the weekend.

Ernest Henry Norgbey, the MP for Ashaiman, claims to have learned that the soldiers took the individuals they had detained away.

“72 persons per the briefing given me by the Assembly member for the area” have been taken into custody by the soldiers.

“But as I speak to you the police commander just told me that 72 persons is an understatement, and that they are more than that, they [soldiers] are still arresting people when you go certain areas of the community,” Mr Norgbey said in a radio interview on Citi FM, monitored by Graphic Online.

The MP said the soldiers after the dawn operation left the area, the soldiers had left but around midday, he received a phone call that another batch of military men had trooped into the Ashaiman constituency.

“Actually I spoke to the police commander and he told me on authority that there are military guys still in the constituency, all the over the constituency molesting innocent residents,” he said. 

He said the constituents were worried about the modus operandi of the military, “because you see armoured cars, you see military vehicles, you see helicopters, which means that this thing has been sanctioned by the higher authority and so everybody is handicapped in this matter.

“So we are just calling on them to call back their men to the barracks because these people that they are molesting, they are innocent people, I’m not sure they know anything about the killing of the military guy,” the MP said.

Graphic Online reports that some soldiers allegedly stormed the neighborhood on Tuesday morning following the alleged killing of a soldier over the weekend, the Ashaiman neighborhood of Taifa was forced into a self-imposed curfew.

The soldier was allegedly murdered by a mob over the weekend in Ashaiman. Following the incident, pictures and footage of the aforementioned soldier were posted on social media.

According to some accounts, a gang attacked him and stabbed him. According to reports, the soldier was traveling to his house.


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