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Alleged Sidechick Of the President Makes Some Shocking Revelations

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A woman by the name of Serwaa Broni has come out to make some shocking revelation about herself and the president Akufo Addo as she claims they are lovers.

The lady who claimed to have kept quiet all this while decided to speak out all of a sudden as she revealed that the president professed love to her sometime back and they have seen been in an intimate relationship.

According to Serwaa Broni, she got the chance to meet him when the president came to Toronto Canada where they met and had a nice time together.

She further went ahead to reveal that the president tho they don’t speak much because of the barrier anytime she comes back to Ghana the president tries all that he can so they can meet and have some wild s3x in a hotel room.

Serwaa who came to Ghana some time back revealed that the president wanted her to spend the night with him in Kumasi but she had some pressing issues which needed her to attend to them urgently so their meeting was canceled.

Have a look at some of the photos of the alleged side chick of the president;


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